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I Get What I Want

Ever since I was young I have always been able to get anything I want from men.  I’ve got a special way of manipulating men! Not to mention, how could they possibly resist My large tits, My beautiful sexy fingernails, these eyes, and everything else about Me. They just can’t say no! I can remember going back as far as My first job. My boss seem to never argue with Me aboout My schedule or time I wanted off. My next job I had that old man eating out of My hands! Cash when I needed or wanted it and even paid a few of My car notes.  After turning 21 I really knew how to get exactly what I wanted! I started to going to strip clubs with friends (never worked there) several nights a week. I never paid for a drink and had tons of lap dances bought for ME! Also, Working as a nail tech. men would come in for manicures and pedicures leaving Me tips as much as $400 and coming in weekly! Those tips soon turned into several thousands of dollars and I didn’t have to a damn thing to get it! Just turn on My pretty smile and bat My eyes. Oh, and tell them exactly what they wanted to hear! Fuckin’ effortless on My part! Then I worked as a cocktail waitress in Vegas and made a shitload in tips! Now 20 something yrs. later I still get what I want! Now you may wonder why don’t I cam or do any RT sessions. My days of RT sessions are pretty much over for now and you prolly couldn’t afford them anyway!  And camming…it’s not worth My time for the few bucks you fuckers what to spend. My life is insanely busy and quit frankly,  I just don’t have time for you! I don’t see any of you fucks pulling out that CC and purchasing gifts or sending Me tributes now do I?  NO I DON’T! Hell, even krissy (my slave of 5 yrs now) knows what it takes to be completely devoted and knows I don’t take any bullshit from her! But because she takes care of anything I want or need she is rewarded with special priviledges and knows how very lucky she is to be owned by Me. If you want My attention, your sorry asses better step and show Me some love!

Anyway, on to todays Clips4Sale update I also get what I want even though My gf’s husband makes My skin crawl!  Read the full description below and then go BUY the video!

I Get What I Want (WMV-HD)
I want My girlfriend Darla to cum on a cruise with Me but Her husband says no. I fucking h8 him. I always have. Nonetheless, I want Her to cum with Me so I invite him over and seduce him. I know how to get what I want. I make him drop his pants so that I can negotiate with him properly. If he cums, She goes. Pretty simple. I smoke while stroking and sucking his cock. I finally can’t stop the urge to tell him what I really think about him. He cock gets harder as I tell him how much I h8 him, how much he repulses Me. Now I can sense what he likes. I go on to tell him that it will be an interracial cruise. Darla and I will be sucking and fucking as many big black cocks as We can get Our hands and mouths on. He becomes even more aroused at My nasty talk and wants to cum. I catch his cum in a paper towel so that his worthless seed can be disposed of. I h8 him too much to let him cum on or in Me. In the end, he cums so Darla will get to go or rather She’ll gets to ‘cum’ with Me. I get what I want. / Smoking / Handjob / Blowjob / MILF / Fingernail Fetish / Role Play / Hi-Def (1280×720)
 Length: 18 minutes