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Happy 4th of July!

I know! It’s been forever since I’ve blogged about ANYTHING! lol Oh well! Life’s been happening. June was a pretty crazy month for me. Vacation and some personal stuff but it’s all good now. Anyway, let’s move on before the rambling begins. lol

First of all! I hope everyone has been enjoying all the 4th of July festivities today! Stay safe!

Beginning this week, I will be back to filming and giving you consistent clip updates! I will be updating both of my studios on Clips4Sale. I’ve pretty much been ignoring my femdom studio bc the last 7 or 8 months just hasn’t allowed the time necessary needed to keep both stores up to date.

Just a few things I am going to start giving a shot.

  • Snap Chat I’ve had tons of request for it. Soon you will be able to purchase my ID for $50 thru My iwantEroticNikki studio as soon as I set it up.
  • Skype Thinking of doing some smoking,foot and maybe some femdom sessions as soon as I figure out some payment options for you. I will not accept paypal, amazon gc’s or gift rocket.
  • Niteflirt I know I’ve been talking about doing niteflirt forever but I think I’m finally in a place in my life where I can do this.

Add Me as a favorite!

Also, In April I started going to FootNight Parties in Vegas again! YAY! It had been over 10 yrs since I attended one. I am so happy to be back! I love the new venue, all the lovely ladies and the guests are such a joy to be around, chat with and session with. It feels so good to have my feet worshiped and pampered! If you’re in Vegas or traveling please make sure you sign up to attend. It’s the last Thursday of the month. It will be the best decision you ever made!

Well, that’s all I have for now. I have a party to get to!

If you have any suggestions or ideas about anything please let me know.




New blog theme

So I figured it’s been long enough with the same theme. I’ve been working on this for the last 2 days. I wanted something more cleaner and more responsive depending on what device you were on. I like it. What do you think? Anyway, I want to start keeping this page up again with my latest news, pictures etc.. This is just kind of a test and will post something more interesting later. XOXOXO


P.S. If you’re on a phone and see to menu toggles, use the bottom one. I can’t seem to get rid of the one that doesn’t work. So I just said fuck it! lol I’ll deal with it later. XOXO

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow…It’s been just over 2 years since I posted anything on this blog. oops! lol Man, how time flies when you’re having fun! Today is Thanksgiving and I feel like we just did this although today was only me and hubby. We went out to dinner. lol Oh well, it was quiet and peaceful and I didn’t have to cook or get involved in stupid family drama! lol Hope all my American friends had a wonderful one and enjoyed your time family and friends.

Well, a lot has changed in the last 2 years for me that’s for sure! As most of you already know I finally made the move back to Vegas and I am so happy I did. It was a very quick move with only 10 days to pack, find a place to live and make the move. Our house sold before it ever hit the market so…I’ve been here for 9 months now. What I can tell you is apartment live is not for me. As most of you know I lived in the country on a couple of acres with privacy and was very active outdoors. Not so much here. lol Anyway, my next move will be to start looking for a house once I figure out which area of town I want to live in. Haven’t really taken the time to check things out closely but I will.

Being in the city is so different than where I came from. I’m still trying to get used to people being up my ass everywhere I go. I mean they have to get all up in your space no matter where you are. Standing in line, walking down the aisles, filling up my fountain diet coke, EVERYWHERE! LOL! It’s crazy, I tell ya! I’m definitely having to learn patience out here but I still love it! Can’t imagine living in a really big city. WOW!

Anyway, I must say I do have excellent internet which has allowed me to expand my business somewhat. I have opened a new clip studio at iwantclips . My next plan is to open my own pornhub channel, put up some goody bags on NiteFlirt, finish stocking my library on kinkbomb and a few other things.

I know this is old news to most of you if you follow me on any of my social media accounts. If you don’t you should. My twitter is @EroticNikki My Instagram is @EroticNikki as well as My tumblr.

Now that Thanksgiving is just about over it will soon be Christmas before we know it. I was going to put up my tree tonight but I will try in the few days. I also have lots of shopping to do but it won’t be on black friday. Crowds are not my thing and I have never done shopping on that day. lol I will most likely shoot some customs videos that have been purchased instead. Although, if you don’t like crowds either you can just shop my wishlist and spend all your hard earned cash on ME OR you can just hand it over to me. Here are your options of sending tributes. There really is no better gift than cash and it looks so good laying at my feet. AND, it makes you feel so good giving to your Goddess. :)

The weekend will be quite hectic for me since I have something I have to handle before Tuesday. Hope I don’t break any nails. I’ll be pissed. haha! I also have family coming in AGAIN Dec 8-16. Living in Vegas definitely brings everyone out. I love being with family and I’ve for sure had my fill of it in the last 9 months. Keeps me busy because I’m not busy enough. lol

I’m sure I have more to say but I think I’ve rattled on long enough. 😉

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening.

Oh, and one more thing! I am so thankful to all of my fans who have supported me over the last 14 yrs. This has been an awesome experience and I hope to keep providing you with fat material for many years to come! Thank you!! Muahhhh!



Latest C4S Updates

Hey pets…It’s been a while I know! Lots of new and exciting things going on but LIFE IS FANFUCKINGTASTIC! October will be extremely busy since My parents are moving and a few birthdays too! But the important one you need to know about is MINE! 😉 October 22 nd! Shop My WISHLIST to spoil Me with Shoes, clothing, socks, boots, jewelry, wigs, stockings, etc. My sissy slave krissy has already bought My biggest gift on My wishlist and it should be here any day! Another camcorder just like I have to film 2 different angles for My videos. you are gonna love it! 😀

Also, this blog will be changing themes pretty soon. It will be a whole new blog completely different! :)

Lots of new kinky updates have been added to My Femdom clips4sale studio. Click, buy and get ADDICTED NOW!



Upskirt Surprise (WMV-HD) So beautiful, so feminine, so girly, so much a complete woman and yet, so well hung. This mind fucking tease clip really puts you on the spot as you find yourself trying hard to see what surprise is up My skirt; though, you already know what you’ll see. It’s what you really want to see and so very realistic… a beautiful woman with a bulging cock that can own you without words. / Mind Fuck / FemDom POV / Futa / Futanari / Bulge / Fantasies / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Hot Fucking Bulge (WMV-HD) I know what you’re thinking. That’s a hot fucking bulge. I know it is. It’s the perfect bulge. Of course your always looking around for the perfect bulge. you like to check out the big bulges on guys at the gym and you love the winter olympics for the figure skaters. you just love staring at their bulging cocks. I think your a faggot. A closet faggot but a faggot all the same. Admit it, you think it’s at least a little gay that you can’t stop looking at bulges. That’s why I can keep you hooked with My Lady bulge… it makes you feel less gay. / FemDom POV / Humiliation / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Man Enough to Take My Cock (WMV-HD) I think that the reason our relationship is so strong is because we play our fetish/sex games regularly and it keeps everything fun. We played out your fetish fantasy last night – you picked Me up on the road side. I sucked your cock until you came all over My face and then you kicked Me out of the car. It must have been a ‘whore’ fetish. Well tonight is My night lover. Let Me start by saying that what I like about you is that you’re a manly man. Basically a great big hunk of man without a wussy bone in ya. Having said that, I want to fuck you with this big cock here. Calm down. I don’t think you’re gay. I just have a fetish for seeing a petite girl with a huge strapon fuck a big ‘macho’ man. I know that there are pussy boys all over that would love to take My big cock, but I want you to. What’s the matter, scared? Aren’t you man enough to take My cock? / Strapon / FemDom POV / Fantasies / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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My Bulge faggot (WMV-HD) Request “More cock bulge and more black shiny spandex!!! :-) I want you to whisper about the bulge in spandex. Ask me if I look too long at the gym, at the ballet, tell me that you know I taste my own cum now because of your perfect spandex cock. Call me a faggot while you make me taste my cum and pretend its on your bulge. Tell me that as long as I am in the closet, this is what I will dream about!! Lots of gay in there please!” / FemDom POV / Cum Eating Instruction / Spandex / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Worship My Ass, Finger yours (WMV-HD) This is how it is going to go today. I’m going to tease you with My hot ass. you are going to watch it and worship it while you finger your ass. I know how much you love this sweet perfect ass (that you’ll never get) in pantyhose. you’ll probably love fingering your asshole just as much. Let’s get started. / Ass Worship / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Edging Makes It Easier (WMV-HD) Some of you are still having trouble eating your cum. It’s getting ridiculous. Good news for you. I have a sure fire way to help you get it done. Let’s face it. After you have your big orgasm, you seem to lose interest in eating cum… even though right before you cum, you would greedily drink a gallon of it. So, I’ll give you a little tip… edging yourself makes it easier to eat your cum and I’ll help you master it so that you can become the cum slut that you dream of being. / Cum Eating Instruction / Orgasm Control / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Let’s Meet For Lunch (WMV-HD) In this clip, you are My husband. I ask what you’ve got planned for lunch and tell you that I want you to come to lunch with Me. I have a confession to make. I’ve been fucking your boss on the side. He fucks Me so much better than you so, I have decided to cuckold you… Find out what that means for you when you watch this clip. / Cuckolding / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Going Deep (WMV-HD) I hope that you’ve been doing all the things to be prepared, like I’ve told you to do. I have My big new favorite strapon cock today. I’m going to lube it all up and put it all the way into your ass. I’m going deep tonight. Balls deep into your tight ass. I’ll go slow though. I don’t want to hurt you. I really want you to love it. But, even if you don’t, I’m still going deep. / Strapon / FemDom POV /Hi-Def (1280×720)

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StepMom Busts Balls (WMV-HD) Seriously, school just started and you’ve already got a referral. This is some bs. Grounded? Oh hell no. I want you to feel the pain. That way, you’ll never pull this again. Spread your legs apart as I give a swift knee to your balls. I don’t care that your technically an adult and in college. I’m your stepmom, you live under My roof and your going to play by My rules. When I get through busting your balls, you’ll have a better attitude. I promise. / Virtual Ball Busting / FemDom POV / Kicking / Kneeing / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Unleash The Beast (WMV-HD) I need your attention. Look Me in the eyes. The last month of sex has been great. I do love it when you fuck Me. But… I have to tell you something really important about Me. Let Me start by saying that I went through your phone and noticed that you have several Futa images. I got kinda excited to see that because every 30 days, on a full moon, something happens to Me. No, I’m not a werewolf. There’s no such thing. Look down. I grow a big beautiful ladycock just like the ones in your Futanari cartoons. It stays hard until the full moon passes. I feel like you’re really going to enjoy what we do next. I’m going to fuck you, a lot. / Strapon / FemDom POV / Futa / Futanari / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Making LadyCum (WMV-HD) I’m always so horny. My LadyCock is insatiable. Today I really, really need to cum. I start to rub one out. My LadyCock is so fucking hard under My pantyhose. As I get hotter I begin to fantasize that you are licking and sucking My huge cock. I need to cum so badly that I think of filling your man ass with loads of My LadyCum. Faster and hotter I can’t hold back any longer and My bulging LadyCock begins to erupt. Futanari girls like Me are never ‘one and done’, so I have to keep stroking and the cum keeps cumming. So much that it passes through My pantyhose and gets all over My sexy nails. / Strapon / FemDom POV / Futanari / Futa / Fantasies / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Blurring The Lines (WMV-HD) Sexy girls with strapon cocks turn you on so very much. Can you imagine how awesome it would be if that same sexy, cute, yet dominant girl had a real cock instead of a rubber one? Not only could you serve Her pussy, but you could make Her LadyCock cum too. This clip is designed to visually tease you and help blur the lines between your Goddess having a flesh cock rather than a rubber one. I’ll push your strapon fetish envelope. Let your imagination run wild. / Strapon / FemDom POV / Futanari / Futa / Fantasies / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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This page could go on forever! LOL! So go check out My studios and LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW UPDATES!


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Good Morning!



Good morning world! Hope all is well in yours. My world is busy but fantastic. I have taken a break from the social media and putting more focus into filming, family and personal things. I must admit, I have been very productive. I am adding new clips to Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF everyday this month and a new clip every other day to Goddess Nikki’s FemDomPOV So if you haven’t been by My studios yet, you should. Lots of new wanking content added already this month. I normally add My updates below but the page would go on and on! lol So just click the links above and check em out. I’ve also got a few customs to film this month and July, so yes, I’m a busy girl. Hopefully in the next week or 2 I will start filming for July updating at the same pace. And as always My websites are updated every week. Join now to see all the newest updates. and

I’ll be heading out to Vegas end of July so I’m very excited about that. Off to see My oldest son and visit a few friends. It’s a nonworking vacation although My plan is knock out a few videos while I’m there. We’ll see. We’re always so busy once we get there.

Let’s see. what else have I done so far this summer? Oh, we, as in hubby and I, cut down 5 huge oak trees last week. sounds fun, right? They died during the drought and were dropping branches left and right. Scared one was gonna hit one us of in the head while mowing. haha! They’re all chopped up now and ready to be burned. Oh, and after we made that mess, My AC decides to take a crap! Let Me just say, it was one hot motherfucker that day. Thankfully, Mike was able to get it fixed. He replaced the fan motor and compacitor, got it going and BAM…Our thermostat went out! lol But it’s all good now.

Now about krissy, My sissy slave…We’ve been having a few issues and hopefully making some progress to get things back on track. she has some health issues going on, which I understand being in pain and being ill on top of that. But what I CANNOT stand is a whiney ass bitch! Seems she has finally figured out that I don’t want to hear it all the time! My dad is much more sick and I never hear him whine about anything. So it’s very hard for My to have pity on someone who complains constantly. But, she is headed to a surgeon today, so hopefully she will get good news on getting all fixed up. she’s missing dressing up and entertaining Me as well as you. Fingers crossed she gets back in good shape. If you want to see how she has entertained us in the past, check out her clip studio, or read her blog at

Well, that seems to be all the news I have right now. Hope you have a fantastic week. And remember, check out My sites and and fill your spank bank with lots of new clips from yours truly!

Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF

Goddess Nikki’s FemDomPOV



Small Rant!

Good afternoon lovers! Hope your all having  a fantastic humpday. Mine has been full of ups and downs. The biggest up is that Jodi Arias was found guilty of 1st degree murder. And My biggest down is that My billing processor, CCBill, has notified Me that Mastercard is now charging a $500 annual fee in order to accept them on My member sites. As if Visa wasn’t bad enough also charging $500 a year. So, come My pay period ending May 25th, they will deduct $500 from My paycheck. I’m so sick of all these fees these credit cards impose on the adult industry. But, at least I can tell ya, I will continue excepting Visa, Mastercard and all other credit cards accepted by CCBill. When we say we despise douchbags who steal or watch free porn, it’s because we don’t do this business for free. WE ARE A BUSINESS just like any other. It cost us money  to entertain you. The expenses we pay goes beyond these fees. Most of us pay for expensive hosting so that our sites are always up and running. In addition, we pay for costumes, clothing, accessories, props, hotels, lighting, cameras, hair, make-up, nails, pedicures, tanning, shoes, stocking, pantyhose etc. Not to mention all the time we put in to filming videos, setting up, coming up with ideas to shoot. The list goes on and on. So, please, support all of us in this industry. If you don’t, you eventually won’t have access to anything new because we will all be out of business. End of rant!

Anyway, not a lot of other news to tell ya about right now, at least not anything you would be interested in I’m sure. lol But what you are prolly most interested in My newest updates. So here we go!

As always all 3 of My membership sites are updated every week. You can all of My updates here:

My Clips4Sale studios have lots of new clips as well. Oh, for all you asking, I am bringing back My blowjobs, footjobs, and handjobs! In fact I will have a new handjob clip going in Friday so be on the look out!


Afternoon Delight (MP4-HD)
you left your phone at home when you left for work today. Although you rushed back at lunch to get it, you were too late, as I had already gone through it and found lots of foot fetish and footjob pics on it. Lucky for you I like to play games and we’re gonna have us some fun this afternoon. What would your coworkers say if they knew you hade 2 hot feet on your cock at lunch. / Foot Fetish / Footjob /Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Online Sex Education (WMV-HD)
Welcome to My online sex education class. Today our lesson is safe sex. Of course, having no sex is the safest sex but if you’re gonna be dropping it off into someone as least wrap that rascal. I’ll show you how to roll a condom on it. But, the safe sex that I prefer you participate in is fucking your hand. That’s right, masturbation is a great way to have safe sex, so that’s what we’ll do today. Having said that, let’s drop your pants and get started. Oh and for those of you who left your condom on, congratulations you won’t have a mess to clean up. / Masturbation Instruction / Jerk Off Instruction / JOI /Hi-Def (1280×720)
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BlowJob Sampler 13 (WMV-HD)
Are ya still wondering what My smoking blowjob clips are like? Since My last 12 blowjob sampler video clips were so popular… Here is yet another chance to sample them. This clip features scenes from “Cum on My Reds”, “Blow and Smoke”, “The Package”. Take this new opportunity to get off watching Me smoke and suck cock. you’ll love it. / BlowJobs / Smoking / Cumshot /Hi-Def (1280×720)
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The Neighbor Lady (WMV-HD)
What? Is this reminding you of someone? Are you flashing back to that hottie neighbor lady from when you were growing up? I’ll bet you are. She used to come over and bake cookies with your mom and you couldn’t get to your room to jerk off fast enough. Well it’s time to relive those days and rub one out for Me. I’ll be laying here in My apron and pantyhose on the bed, just like you always wanted Her, while I instruct your stroking. / Masturbation Instruction / Apron Fetish / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Marabou Slippers (WMV-HD)
Well, will you look at what kind of shoes I have on today. Fuzzy, fun and sexy Marabou slippers, your favorite. I know you’ve been wanting to see Me dangle some of these. Well lucky for you a fan sent Me this pair, so here ya go. / Dangling / Shoe Fetish / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Stroke your Dick for My Bra (WMV-HD)
Hey pervert. I know what your looking at. you like seeing My big titties in this sexy bra, don’t ya? I know that you do. I also know that you like to stroke that dick of yours while looking at bras. Hell, you prolly used to jerk off to the Sears catalog. haha. Anyway, it’s time for you to stroke for My bra and big titties while I tempt you with your fetish. / Masturbation Instruction / Bra Fetish / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Hurricane Nikki (WMV-HD)
Tiny town has failed to heed the warnings that Hurricane Nikki was on the way. Category 5 winds from Her breath and flooding caused by Her spit will likely spell doom for the tiny residents. / Giantess / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Dripping Wet (WMV-HD)
Sensual, sexy and very wet. I’ll start by putting a piece of ice into My sexy MILF mouth. I start to salivate as it melts. I just let the spittle dribble from My mouth as I drool in a naturally sexy way. I’m sure that you can imagine that it’s all sorts of different liquids drooling past My lips as you enjoy watching this clip. / Mouth Fetish / Drooling / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Stroke That Cock Soldier (WMV-HD)
Request: “Hi Nikki, I’m stationed over seas. A lot of the guys here have girls at home. I don’t. Can you make a video where you’re my wife or girlfriend and we’re on a video call. You decide to make it special when you notice that I’m alone. You tease me with your tits and cleavage in a sexy bra and tell me to jerk off for you. You call me your soldier boy and tell how great it’ll be when I get home. Thanks.” Yes I will. I love a man in uniform. Role Play / Jerk Off Instruction / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Dangling My Flats Outside (WMV-HD)
It’s a nice day to sit outside, enjoy the weather and dangle My cute little flats. My man really doesn’t like My flats, but I know that you do. I do, too. A couple of different angles and some toe teasing for good measure this clip should tempt your fetish for sexy feet and dangling flats. / Foot Fetish / Dangling / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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My Mouth – My Feet – your Loss (WMV-HD)
Sexy mouth. Pretty toes painted in black polish. Even I can’t resist them today. These feet need to be worshiped. Too bad your not here to have a taste. your loss is my gain today as will thoroughly enjoy My sexy soles and toes myself in this clip. / Foot Fetish / Foot Worship / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Goddess Nikki Updates
I Will Penetrate you (WMV-HD)
Oh My. Look at this little collection of ass penetrators that I have here. If we have to, I’ll start with this slim tapered one here. It’s not too scary. Then, as your ass gets accustomed to being filled, I’ll start using the next one up until we make it all the way to this big gaping asshole filler. How’s your fuckhole feeling now. Are you sure that you still want Me to train you? / FemDom POV / Female Supremacy / Strapon / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Suck a Dick for Me (WMV-HD)
I know why your here. you want to suck My dick. Well it’s not gonna happen today because, surprise you’re gonna suck someone elses cock. I want you to worship Me by sucking a real cock, for Me. I’ve already shown you how and now it’s time to all that practice to work. / Forced Bi / Strapon / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Eat your Ball Sauce (WMV-HD)
I have a new task for you today. We are going to find out how limber you are. I want you to pull your legs up over your head so that your penis is pointing toward your face. I want you to jerk it towards your face. When it’s time to cum I want you to make sure that you get every drop of your tasty ball sauce into your mouth. Now, let’s see if your up to the task. / Cum Eating Instruction / JOI / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Eat your Cum for My Toes (WMV-HD)
I know how much you like to jerk off for My toes. I read your emails begging Me to make you jerk off for them. you say that you’ll do anything for My toes. Well, today you get to prove it to Me. I want you to jerk that dick and give Me a big cumshot. you won’t need a tissue today though as you are expected to jizz into your hand and eat up every drop. I know that after you cum you always wuss out, but not today. I’m not going to allow you to quit on Me. you will eat your cum for My toes today. / Cum Eating Instruction / Foot Domination / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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How to Suck Cock For Me (WMV-HD)
you and I both want you to be My sissy cock sucker. I’m going to show you how to suck cock for Me in this clip. I’ll tell you what to do as well as show you what to do using one of My toys. you should use a toy and play along with Me. After watching this clip, you’ll know how to suck a cock and make it cum. you’ll know how to catch all the cum in your mouth and how to swallow it like a ‘good girl’. your going to be such a good sissy cock sucker for Me. you’ll be so proud of your skills at making men cum, you won’t even have to be forced to do it. / FemDom POV / Sissy Training / Sensual Domination / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Be sure to click, buy and stroke and I hope you all have a sexilicious day! MUAH!!!!!


Good afternoon, kinky peeps! Did ya set those clocks back? I realize it’s been quite some time since I’ve written a blog. Lotsa stuff going on around the Nikki Ashton home. LOL! We took a road trip last week for My parents 48th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to them. You don’t see  many marriages last that many years anymore. Anyway, we had a great time. I’ve been sick for 3 weeks now which has kept Me from shooting any new content but I’m feeling better and should be filming this next week. I’ve got some new ideas I will be shooting soon as well. I’ve added some items to My wishlist that I’m sure will give you some idea of what My evil mind is up to. 😉 I will need these items ordered right away.  Other than that, not much else going on that I feel I need share with you at the moment. But, I want you to check out all My newest updates.


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Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.06.35 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.06.05 PM









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Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.07.14 PM

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Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.28.19 PM
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That’s all I’ve got for now! Off to enjoy what’s left of My Sunday!

Happy New Year!

Hey ya pervs! Just wishing you a very Happy New Year! I hope 2013 brings you lots of naughty fun and prosperity! First, I want to thank all of you for an AWESOME 2012! Thanks for all your support! NOW, are you ready to start this year off right? Got your resolutions in order and are ya gonna stick to em? On top of that list of New Years Resolutions better be about Me and how you can make Me happy in 2013!  you  can start off the first day on the right track! Wouldn’t you love to be 1st in something? Well here’s your chance! Be the 1st one to send Me My 1st tribute of 2013! Make it good and maybe, just maybe, I’ll throw ya a bone!  Either free clips or website memberships! you can tribute Me via Gr33nd0t, snail mail, Amazon GC’s! Not only will this make Me a happy Goddess but it will make you feel good knowing you are making Me happy! All tributes are to be sent to   



I realize I completely missed writing a Christmas blog! OOPSIE! So short and sweet, How was yours? Mine was awesome! I received some great gifts from a few of you boys! Let Me give a few shoutouts right now to those who deserve it!

My hubby gave Me cold hard cash! Of course he knows what My favorite gift is!

My youngest boy gave Me a VS GC. :)

Lots of great gifts from My mother. jewelry, furry fingerless gloves, clothes, socks to keep My feet warm and one of those furry little scarfs that looks like I’m wearing part of an animal on My head. LOL! But it’s cute! Oh, and some sexy pj’s!

I got this fabulous bag from My mother in law along with a really cute ring which is at the jeweler being resized.


And gifts from some of My followers!

Thank you Tom for the cool T’s and tumblr!

IMG_3599 IMG_3601 IMG_3602

Thank you Alohaman for this sexy jacket!


Thank you George for the Marabou Slippers!


Thanks Ed for more nail art polish!


Thanks krissy for the awesome gifts!

IMG_3656 IMG_3655 IMG_3654

I’ve got a few more pkg’s arriving this week and will add them to the blog! you want a shoutout on My blog? you know what to do! SPOIL ME!



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Good morning and happy 12/12/12! How are My lovers doing today? I woke up to 28 degree temps this morning so needless to say I was freezing My ass off. But, it is supposed to warm up to 61. So let’s see….what have I been up to? You’ll be happy yo know I FINALLY got My tree up and it’s starting to look like Christmas around here. :) Did some Christmas shopping yesterday for a few special ppl out there including some of you who spoil me! MUAH! Got to get them wrapped and sent out pretty soon.

I’ve had a busy last few days. Mike and I drove to Louisiana on Thursday night. It was a quick trip but it was fun. The purpose was to film some clips and have some Us time. We gambled, ate a nice dinner and then filmed. The only problem is that I had to trash almost all of the clips. The lighting was HORRIBLE even though it looked like it would be great. The one clip I was able to save was this foot worship clip. I wore socks and sneakers all day! I put them on at 8am that morning, traveled 4 hours in the car, walked around the casino, gambled, at dinner and whatever. At about 10:30 pm We went back to the room and that’s when I had Mike remove My shoes and socks and smell My feet. I just added the clip last night to Go buy it and watch it!

Stinky Foot Worship

So we got home Friday afternoon, worked in the yard. Well started raking leaves. lol There’s so many but I’ll get it all done eventually. I had an entire Saturday to Myself. I got sooooo much done around the house. We seem to be gone more than we are home anymore. Sunday was another road trip to the lake. I can tell you that drive was worth it. I shot some of the best clips and I cannot wait to get them posted! Here are just a few pics from a couple of them.


This clip will be put up My studio this week. It’s a hot one and a video I haven’t done in about 8 yrs. 😉

BTS filming a foot fetish clip

I also filmed 2 humiliation clips you losers are gonna love and an AWESOME Strap-On clip! Those all be updated this week as well on My Goddess Nikki FemDom POV Studio!

I am very happy with the way all these clips turned out and I know you are going love them!

If you don’t follow Me on Instagram or twitter here a few pics I’ve posted recently.

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My updates for Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF

MILF in Apron and Hose
The Loan Agreement
Watching you Watch Me

Goddess Nikki’s FemDomPOV Updates:

your StepMom’s Cock
Can you deepthroat?

So there’s plenty of new jerk off material for ya with more coming this week. Get over there, click, add to cart, and buy! Do it! It’s totally fun! I promise! 😉

It’s time for Me to get My day going now! Hope you all have a great one! Oh, and I want to say Thank you to all of you are fans and support Me. I know a lot of you say your My biggest fan but if you don’t know anything about, buy My clips, join My sites or support Me in any other way, Are you really My “biggest fan?” Just watching My FREE clips or stolen content doesn’t really make you My biggest fan. Fans actually support what I do. Without them, I would prolly just close shop and move on. They are the ones who keep Me going. The ones who remind Me why I do what I do. And I love what I do and can’t imagine Myself doing anything else! I LOVE YOU GUYS AND GIRLS SO MUCH! Thank you for everything! We’re coming up on 11 yrs now! Let”s see if we can go another 11! :)