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Happy Monday!


Hello there sweeties! Monday means back to the grind for most of you. Hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did even though all I did was stick around the house. It’s been a while since I’ve been home this many days in a row. I got a lot accomplished that had been  neglected. BUT, I still have not put My tree up! DAMN! Oh well, it will get done.  My son went back home on Wednesday. The trip didn’t seem long enough but I have been informed is moving back home in Dec. lol Yes, he loves being around us and that’s because we’re just COOL parents! lol Seriously though, both of My boys do hanging with us. We are very lucky to have 2 fantastic kids!

I’ve got lots of exciting things going on right now though. I’m working on an spread for and I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with the owner along with the owner of for several hours over the weekend. 2 great guys and I’m excited for what they have planned. Not sure when the newest edition will be out but I will definitely keep you posted!

I want to share some gifts that I have received from as well from some of My fans.

Thank you Tom for the sexy corset! I love it!

Thanks to My sock sissy for these beautiful Boots!

Thanks to My nail slave for these nail art pens!

Thanks Richard for these awesome rings for My birthday! Hook ‘Em Horns!

And these 2 cute belts from an unknown admirer

Thanks to all of you! I appreciate everything!

Ok…So I made to clips for CumEatingInstruction tasks. I told you to send in pictures to show Me what you were dumping your 14 loads in and then freezing it. I’m going to show you only a few pictures with no faces of what I received.


I love when you guys participate in tasks! If you haven’t sent your pictures in get them to Me and I will add them here! If you want to purchase the clips and do the tasks then head over to and buy 14 loads in 7 days and 7 Days Later.

14 loads in 7 days
7 Days Later


Let’s see, what else is going on…I think My Vegas trip for Christmas will be cancelled. May have to plan it for Spring Break. Not sure. Depends on what My son decides to do. Oh, and I DO NOT have a FB page! If you think you found Me on there you did not! Someone has made page and they are pretending to Me. I do not have any kind of FB. I don’t even know how to go about reporting it to FB but I will try to get it removed. If you are on there commenting, that is NOT Me replying to you!!!

Gosh, seems this year has just flown by! I’m just sitting here thinking about a few things and hell we are already into Dec. It doesn’t even feel like Christmas really here. I mean it’s like 82 outside today. lol Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten in the mood to put the tree up. I’m not complaining though! I could live in this weather everyday!!! So I will just make Myself get in the mood! lol It’s different too cuz now My kids are older and don’t seem to really want anything. I mean, they get what they want through out the year and when Christmas rolls around there is nothing left to give them. I can give them money I suppose but that’s not near as fun as opening gifts. When they were kids I had so much fun Christmas shopping and spending hours wrapping gifts. Christmas morning was so much fun watching them open everything, wrapping paper from one end of the room to the other and they didn’t know which toy to play with first. lol Now it’s either gift cards or money. Not very thrilling. Hell, I’m even willing to buy them clothes, shoes, socks underwear etc just so I can shop, wrap and watch them open it all. I have never given them those type of gifts for Christmas because at Christmas you’re supposed to get things you WANT, not things you NEED. At least that’s how it is in My house. And although they don’t need clothes maybe this year I can convince them they WANT clothes and such. LOL! Ok…enough about that! let Me dry the tear from My eye and move on! LOL

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That’s all I have for now! Enjoy your week! I have to get some contributions together now for a few other sites so I will talk to ya soon!









TGIF! 9-28-2012

Happy Friday pervs! The weekend has finally arrived! If you week has been like Mine, I know you ready for it! Crazy week for Me but very productive! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend at the lake. Not too many weekends left to enjoy the gorgeous weather. I won’t keep ya long but just want you to to check out My newest Clips4Sale updates. I KNOW you WILL love them!

After last friday, I now know that My guy has a foot fetish. It doesn’t take Me long to start taking advantage of that info. I get him on the couch and begin by teasing him with My perfect feet. I can see that he is becoming weak. I proceed to draw him in deeper with the intoxicating scent and perfect shape of My feet. I finally let him have a taste. he’s all mine now, just another footboytoy in My collection. My feet now control him. I have big plans going forward with this new power that I have found./ Foot Worship / Foot Domination / Foot Fetish / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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We both thought that I would win the 50 licks. But thanks to a totally blown BS call, I lost. I can’t believe that he’s gonna accept that as a win. I’m not one to skip out on a bet though. So, I’ll pay up, 50 licks from the base of his dick to the tip. Since he’s insisting on Me paying up, I tell him 50 – no less, no more. I’ll Use a deck of card to keep track of the licks. Did I make him finish or did I strand the fucker with blue balls? Watch the clip to find out. / Licking / Tease and Denial / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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What better way to spend part a beautiful day than taking a barefoot stroll while having a smoke on a dock. I know how much you like to watch Me, so I have My guy record it for you. It’s Me letting you see some of what I like to do when it’s just for Me, IRL. / Foot Fetish / Smoking / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Have a great weekend!!