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What’s New?

Hey pervs! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far! I Myself have been a busy Goddess! This week I filmed new clips and some customs. Aside from that though I picked up some really cool video equipment. I’m very excited about everything that I have received so far. I think it will definitely add some special to My videos. I have one more thing I want and yes, you are more than welcome to buy it for Me. ProAm® DVC200 Camera Jib Crane

Anyway, this summer has been crazy for Me with trying to find time to film. Schools out so you know what that means? That means being a Mom 24/7 right now. But finally got the boy out to get a job which now means I have time to do more things for you! If you haven’t noticed I finally was able to shoot a really hot blowjob clip and a handjob clip this week! YAY! I do love shooting that type of content for you pervs! I love role playing and adding a special twist to My videos. If you haven’t seen any of My work then you have a couple of choices to do so. Yoou can either join one of My 3 sites Erotic Nikki which is where you will find all My smoking, pantyhose, role playing, blowjobs, and handjobs. Got a foot fetish? Then you need to join My AngelKissedFeet site. This site you will be in foot fetish heaven! I’ve got tons of videos and pictures of My pretty little feet including My soft soles giving footjobs! And for all you pathetic losers out there yes, I’ve got something for you as well! MyHotAss is full of humiliation, financial domination, cumeating instruction, strap-on, ass worship, tit worship and more! Submit to Me now and fall under My power! If you just want to buy clips individually then go check out My Clips4Sale studio! It’s My one stop shop for all your wanking material!

As you may have noticed I have also starting working on My NiteFlirt page! I now have 3 listings there that I will be working on. You will notice the links to the left of this column for tributes. Soon I will be taking phone calls, and POSSIBLY doing cam shows either through Skype or Yahoo. I will add a link soon so that you can purchase My ID’s.  Also, I will be going to Vegas in Mid Aug. Use My tribute buttons to send Me tributes for My trip!

I love getting Amazon GiftCard’s as well as many other GiftCard’s! you can send those to Goddess@GoddessNikki.com or you can shop My Amazon Wishlist!

I will also be getting My hair done in the next 2-3 weeks. The cost for that is $230! And YES, you can pick up the tab on that! Either tribute, send a GD, and of course Cold hard cash works for Me too! I have a $650 beauty expense coming up on Aug 3rd and I expect you to handle that as well! I Love being A Goddess!!!

For those that have sent gifts and GC’s over the last monthor so Thank you! I love them all!

Enjoy your weekend! I’m going to enjoy a few hrs of peace and quiet now! ❤


Don’t Wake your Mom (WMV-HD)
I’ve sneaked into your bedroom. I’m wearing a blue nightie, you love the way it looks in the moonlight. your mom is in the room next door. Is she asleep? Shh, don’t wake her. I proceed to get your cock hard. I remove your shorts and get My hand around it. I hold the base tightly as I tease the shaft and head with My finger tips. I use only My spit for lube. I won’t let you cum quickly. I control your orgasm. You better keep quiet. If she catches us we’ll both be in trouble. POV style so it’ll be like I was doing it to you. / MILF / Handjob / Forced Orgasm / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Cum on My Reds (WMV-HD)
The only thing that My guy likes more than getting a blowjob is watching Me smoke while I give him one. I know that you like the same thing. I start off smoking a Light 100’s while I work him over. Once I put him over the edge, I make him cum all over My open pack of Reds. Naturally I pull one of them out and light it up for a cummy smoke. / Smoking / Blowjob / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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It’s Friday! WOOT!

Happy Friday the 13th!  This day has never been an unlucky day for Me.  In fact it’s always been a very lucky day for Me. Anyway, I am enjoying a very peaceful wknd up at the lake. No hubby, no kids, and no dogs! Dad is hanging out downstairs and I quietly snuck off to get some work done, do My laundry and just chill! I can’t remember the last time it was this quiet! lol May sound a lil boring to some of you guys but I do enjoy it every once in awhile. From where I am sitting right now I have a gorgeous view of the water and it’s very calm! It’s absolutely beautiful outside! A little chilly out but I’m all nice and cozy where I sit.  So…now that you hv a little vision of where I’m at I have some updates to give ya on My Clips4Sale studio and a FREE pic for you to fantasize over!

Here we go:

“Stroke for StepMom”

Stroke for StepMom (WMV-HD)
I know that you have been lusting for Me since before I married your father. I know that you like to watch Me dress and have often snuck pictures with your phone. I know that you really want to be a StepMotherFucker. Well unles you want your father to know what your dirty little mind has been up to you will do exactly as I say. Drop your pants and stroke that big cock for your StepMom. / Masturbation Instruction / MILF / Cougar/ Role Play / Hi-Def (1280×720)
Cum Stained Panties
Cum Stained Panties (WMV-HD)
I have a very special and humiliating task for you today. Go and get your Wife’s/GF’s very favorite sexy panties. They must be Her absolute favorite pair. The ones that She wears when She goes out without you. Those will be the sexiest pair. Now watch this clip. I’ll make you masturbate with those panties. The rest that you have to do will be a surprise. Watch this clip and do as I say. / Masturbation Instruction / Cum Eating Instruction / FemDom POV / Hi-Def (1280×720)
Enjoy your weekend!!

Happy Tuesday!

Hey guys and Gals! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!  I know I am! I had a busy weekend with some web projects that I have been neglecting but they are all finished and ready to go.  YAY!  I did partake in some filming today.  We have been practicing with our lighting and these today turned out great! I shot 3 clips, foot fetish, Masturbation Instruction and a naughty MILF blowjob with a cumshot that caught Me off guard and spewed a mess all over My face and in My hair! That’s ok cuz I needed a good facial anyway! lol

The first requested clip going in at around midnight tonight will be “Stroke for this MILF” ~ Masturbation Instruction  The other 2 will be added Thursday and Friday night!  Just in time for the weekend so you can get your jerk on! It always makes Me so wet and horny when I know you have purchased clips from My Clipstore and sit at home or work jerking off to Me! One of the things that get Me going for the day is to wake up and see an inbox full of clip orders and sign-ups to My sites! I imagine you are jerking off to Me about the time I wake up so that makes Me even more turned on,  I rollover in bed and make hubby worship My feet, and then My pussy and then fuck Me hard! <<<<(I know you cuckyboys love this! BWAHAHAHAHA) All of this makes for an absolutely perfect day! I hope that it makes your day perfect as well!

Other going ons with Me is that we thought we were all set with My sons shoulder injury and he was fine.  It seems we’re not and we will be going for an MRI and possibly surgery. :( It seems the area is not healing. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

My Birthday is on Sat. Oct. 22! Not sure what My plans are yet but I’m very excited for the package My sissy slave Krissy is sending!  I know for sure My iphone 4s is coming in it along with some other hot lil gifts!  I must say I have the best slave around! Anything I want, I get! But just because I have one does not mean you don’t have to purchase gifts for Me off My wishlist or send Me amazon GC’s!  I love to receive packages in the mail!  Here’s My wishlist Amazon Items that are purchased may even qualify for FREE clips or site memberships!

Well I must run along now…My doggies are barking their hineys off so I need to see what it is that has them all riled up! Prolly Cats!

Enjoy the rest of your week!





These are My latest Clip updates! Check em out!>>>>>>> Clips4Sale

Exciting News!

Hey guys and gals…Happy Wednesday!  I’ve been extremely busy with some new projects I’m working on.  My main project is a way for you to buy My clips directly from Me.  It helps us both.  You’re not limited as to when you have to download them and I make more money!  Some of the clips will be cheaper here too! WOOT!  The site is pretty much finished.  I just have to upload all of My clips now and get them programmed. I will let ya know when it’s ready and where to find it!! Although I do have 2 new clips up there ready for purchase so yea, go check it out!  http://www.EroticNikkiVideos.com I will be adding more tomorrow.  Using the new site you will be able to purchase all sorts of things besides clips!  I will be adding picture sets, tributes (and you just might get something in return for those), personal items and more!!  I’m very excited!!  I’ve wanted to do  this for so looooong!

I’ve also stayed busy filming a lot of new wanking material for your jackoff pleasure and I know how much you love that.  😉 Be sure to check out all the newest updates on My sites as well.

Here’s a couple pictures from an upcoming set!

FUCK YOU TUBE~~yes I know how to spell it!!

So today I’m pretty pissed!  I logged into My youtube account and found out My account had been suspended!  That’s fuckin’ right…SUSPENDED!  And you know why?  Cuz a few pricks out there decided they would use My clips to promote their bullshit!  So I claimed copyright infringement to YT and they chose to suspend Me instead for excessive claims!!!  I am soooooo pissed!  I am in the process of appealing their decision now.  Waiting to hear back from them. Why is it so hard to get protection in this business! FUCK!! The porn industry brings in billions a year and We get shit on!!  Credit Card company’s mainly Visa fucks us with their enormous fees every fuckin’ year!  I pay $500 a yr to use them as a processor and their terms are ridiculous for us when it comes to chargebacks!  I know it’s part of the high risk business but damn!!! This is all I have to say on this subject!!!

I did open My own channel under another account so I can talk shit to those losers who steal and post My own stuff for My fans and followers!  No clips posted yet!  Also My Clips4sale studios will be completely merged tonight!  All of My clips will now be available in one convenient place!  The new studio is “Erotc Nikki Fetish MILF” http://www.clips4sale.com/3381 So be sure to stop by and get your wank on!!

Gotta run for now!