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My strap-on makes you cum!

Hey strap-on lovers…My newest clip is up and it’s H-O-T! I masturbate his dick with My BBC! He thinks he’s getting a real handjob but I surprise him and he gets totally turned on by it! Watch the video as I humiliate him in this clip! Read the full description below.


My Strapon Makes you Cum (WMV-HD)
Does My strapon make you cum? I know that it does and I will prove it in this humiliating handjob clip. he thinks I’m gonna give him a normal handjob but I’ve got other plans. I know what he really wants even if he doesn’t. Now, look at My big black strapon cock. It’s so much bigger than yours. I can see your cock getting so hard now. I’m gonna stroke cock and My strapon together. That’s right, I’m gonna masturbate you with My big black strapon cock. I know that’s what you really want Me to do. / Strapon / Handjob / FemDom / Humiliation / Hi-Def (1280×720)

My Newest Video

Happy Saturday!! Just wanted to let ya know I have updated My Clips4Sale studio with a really hot MILF video! It’s 23 minutes of hot sexy smoking, blowjob, handjob, foot fetish, pantyhose n more! Get it now!

My Daughter’s Boyfriend (WMV-HD)
I light up a cigarette. Come here loverboy. That’s what I tell My daughter’s boyfriend as he comes in. Did you think that I don’t know what you want to do with Her? I’m not gonna let it happen. If you want to see Her again, you will do exactly as I say. Drop your pants. Just as I suspected, a hard cock. I tease him with My long nails while explaining to him that he is not to touch my daughter in a sexual way or I will remove his cock and balls that are now in My hand. I proceed to tease him with My pantyhosed feet while further informing him that he will be servicing My daughter’s feet daily after she runs and he will learn to love it. I can tell that he is about to explode. I light up another cigarette and inform him that if he ever feels like he needs a blowjob or handjob he is to see Me for a release and keep his hands off My daughter. I then use My great hand and mouth skills to make him ejaculate all over My big MILF titties. / Smoking / Handjob / Blowjob / Foot Fetish / MILF / Fingernail Fetish / Role Play / Hi-Def (1280×720)

A great end to fabulous year!

Hey My lil chickeedee’s! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope that the New Year will bring you much happiness and good fortune!
I had a fabulous Christmas.  I spent the Holidays in Vegas with My oldest son and @MissMackayla I left on the 21st and got back home on the 27th! My only regret is that i did not have time to visit some great peeps while I was there.  Seems time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to leave. :( But I did have an awesome time and will be back soon! As you all know by now it is My favorite place to visit.
November and December were fantastic Months for Me! I bought a new car for one thing, had a record month in sales, reached over 6100 followers on twitter and one of My main goals when 2011 began was to make it into the Top 50 of Clips4Sale! Well thanks to all your support We did it!! It was one of the best feelings in the world! Now, let’s do it again and move Me higher!!
I recently sent out an email out to all My Clips4sale subscribers asking for any special request you would like to see for 2012. So check your email!
Chk out some of My latest updates on Clips4Sale
The Audition:
I’m sitting at My desk looking fantastic and smoking a Misty 120. I’m wearing
pantyhose and peeptoe high heels. I’ve got My camera all set up for an
interview/audition prospect that has not shown up yet so I decide to tease the
camera and smoke while I wait. I finish My cigarette and My appointment finally
shows up. I let him know that he’s late. I don’t like to wait so I immediately
make him go to work on My feet. First licking My heels then removing them and
worshiping My sweaty pantyhosed feet. After proving that he has adequate skills
to worship My feet on camera, I decide that it’s time to check out his foot
loving cock. I make him drop his pants and show Me his cock. It’s not as big as
I was hoping for but I go ahead and give a slap anyway. What a pussy. He
struggles to stand upright as I hit his dick with My hands and feet. I slap and
kick his dick several times to see what kind of stamina he has. I laugh at him
repeatedly because he’s so scared. He even winces when I miss. I can see that
he’s going to be better serving Me as a footboy. I tell him the final test is to
find out if he can he operate the camera while jacking off to My command,
fucking My pantyhosed feet and finally ejaculating a big load of cum onto My
perfect feet. He passed the test. As he pulls up his pants up, I tell him to
leave his name and number with the receptionist, maybe I’ll call him./ Foot Fetish / Smoking / Pantyhose / High Heels / Foot Worship / Foot
Domination / Footjob
Making the Grade:
I’m a college professor who has a student that needs some ‘special tutoring’.
he’s failing. he can’t focus because he’s always staring at My long legs in
pantyhose and high heels during class. I’ve brought him to My home to teach him
how to focus. I tease him with his fetishes while I smoke. I tell him to remove
his pants and get on My couch. I tease him with My long fingernails. I toy with
him until he is obviously distracted. I put a collar around his cock and balls.
I inform him that I know own them. I tease and masturbate him to prove My point.
I then switch to My sexy pantyhosed feet. I get him off using both My feet and
hands until he ejaculates onto My nylon covered feet./ Foot Fetish / Smoking / Pantyhose / Fingernails / Handjob / Footjob
Geek Gets MILF’D:
After having repaired My computer network, My geek knew that he would likely be
getting a nice reward. I decide to tease him POV style first by posing My feet
and worshiping them Myself. I notice that he gets a hard-on. I tell him that
maybe I can give him a hand with it. I stroke his oiled up cock with My hands
getting him to the edge but not letting him cum. Call it punishment. I know that
he hacked My system so that I would call him to repair it. I would normally just
let him suffer with blue balls, but I really like geek cum. I decide to make him
cum wth My perfect feet. I give him a hot, oily POV footjob until he erupts and
spews his geek cum onto My feet./ Foot Fetish / Foot Worship / Handjob / Footjob
My Sisters Husband:
I walk into the bedroom and find My sisters husband asleep on the bed. I wake
him with My hand on his pants. As he awakens I fail to remove My hand from his
pants and just continue to lightly tease with My long fingernails. I light up a
Newport. My sister is a fuckin bitch and she’s in the other room. I still don’t
know why you married her. I’ve always kinda wanted you, I tell him as I keep
stroking on his crotch. I’d like to see what you have there. How long has it
been since you have been allowed to cum? I heard that you only get to cum when
she allows you to. That’s crazy. My man gets to cum anytime he wants to. I
remove his pants and continue teasing his rising cock. I remove his boxer briefs
and take his cock in My hands. I tell him that it is not cheating if he doesn’t
cum. I proceed to give him a slow, teasing handjob. I use My sexy mouth a couple
of times just to make the tormenting worse. I bring him to the edge several
times without letting him finish. I force him to wait until I am ready. I can
hear footsteps coming so I make him cum all over his stomach and shirt. I
continue to stroke his aching cock. I then call out to My sister, “he’s in
here”. Busted. This is shot POV style as if your My brother-in-law. Stroke along
at home and see if you can last. / Handjob / Smoking / Fingernails / Edging /
While I’m preparing to work, the college guy that lives nextdoor arrives to
return a pie plate that his mum had borrowed. I thank him and then ask if he
would like to stay and help Me make some video clips. Of course, he agrees. I
know that he likes to watch Me smoke, so I fire up a Newport and start to tease
him. I make him strip down. I stroke his cock with My cigarette pack and case. I
give him a sexy handy with My leather cigarette case while smoking. I make him
cum on the leather case then I lick it up. / Smoking / Handjob / MILF
Andy is back for more of My talented hands and mouth. I think that he really
wants more of My leather cigarette case though. I tease him about his fetish
while I smoke a couple of Newports. He’s loving life as I work his cock over
with My hands and masturbate him with the case. I make him dump his big cum load
onto the silk lining inside. He just can’t get enough of this smoking hot MILF.
/ Smoking / Handjob / MILF
I’ve decided to let him cum. It has been a while. I know that his balls are
full. I’m in no hurry though. I light up a smoke and lightly tease him with My
long sexy fingernails. I know how much he loves them. I decide to stroke him
with just My fingers and My spit. I’m not going to let him finish quickly. I
make it as difficult for him as possible as he only gets minimal friction until
I decide to let him cum. I get him off by using My thumb on his dickhead. I
continue to masturbate him with his cum since I know how sensitive his cock is
after he ejaculates. / Handjob / Smoking / Fingernail Fetish
He loves the smell of My feet in the morning. Unable to resist the temptation,
footboy lifts the covers to expose My feet. He checks out my perfect feet from
many different angles before giving in and having a sniff. After some sniffing
and licking he drops his pants and rubs his cock on My soft soles. The urge to
cum on My feet overcomes him so he rubs one out, leaving a huge mess on My too
tired to care feet./ Foot Fetish / Foot Worship / Sole Fucking
Also there are lots of new updates on My sites!
Be sure to stop by and check em out!!

Hope you have lots of naughty plans for NYE! I will be out of town for a couple of days but I’m never too far away! you can reach Me by email or catch Me on twitter! @EroticNikki

TaTa for now!!

Happy Tuesday!

Hey guys and Gals! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far!  I know I am! I had a busy weekend with some web projects that I have been neglecting but they are all finished and ready to go.  YAY!  I did partake in some filming today.  We have been practicing with our lighting and these today turned out great! I shot 3 clips, foot fetish, Masturbation Instruction and a naughty MILF blowjob with a cumshot that caught Me off guard and spewed a mess all over My face and in My hair! That’s ok cuz I needed a good facial anyway! lol

The first requested clip going in at around midnight tonight will be “Stroke for this MILF” ~ Masturbation Instruction  The other 2 will be added Thursday and Friday night!  Just in time for the weekend so you can get your jerk on! It always makes Me so wet and horny when I know you have purchased clips from My Clipstore and sit at home or work jerking off to Me! One of the things that get Me going for the day is to wake up and see an inbox full of clip orders and sign-ups to My sites! I imagine you are jerking off to Me about the time I wake up so that makes Me even more turned on,  I rollover in bed and make hubby worship My feet, and then My pussy and then fuck Me hard! <<<<(I know you cuckyboys love this! BWAHAHAHAHA) All of this makes for an absolutely perfect day! I hope that it makes your day perfect as well!

Other going ons with Me is that we thought we were all set with My sons shoulder injury and he was fine.  It seems we’re not and we will be going for an MRI and possibly surgery. :( It seems the area is not healing. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

My Birthday is on Sat. Oct. 22! Not sure what My plans are yet but I’m very excited for the package My sissy slave Krissy is sending!  I know for sure My iphone 4s is coming in it along with some other hot lil gifts!  I must say I have the best slave around! Anything I want, I get! But just because I have one does not mean you don’t have to purchase gifts for Me off My wishlist or send Me amazon GC’s!  I love to receive packages in the mail!  Here’s My wishlist Amazon Items that are purchased may even qualify for FREE clips or site memberships!

Well I must run along now…My doggies are barking their hineys off so I need to see what it is that has them all riled up! Prolly Cats!

Enjoy the rest of your week!





These are My latest Clip updates! Check em out!>>>>>>> Clips4Sale

Happy Hump Day

Hey guys and gals…Hope everyone had a wonderful Hump Day wether you were humping your other half, gf/bf or if all you have is a pillow to hump, I hope it was great!! I Myself didn’t do much except get ready for My vacation. Updates being on the top of My list.  I want to make sure you have plenty of jerk off material while I’m away!  So let’s start there!

AngelKissedfeet.com Updates:

Well in this clip you get to find out why We are late everywhere that We go. I’m busy answering member email so I ask hubby to get My flip flops. He gets them and puts them on My feet, but I change My mind. I have him get My heels and put them on. He does but something is still amiss. I have him put an anklet on Me and I am finally ready to go. Of course this little process has caused him to want his face buried in My feet. This happens all the time. He worships My feet just long enough to make sure that We are late again.

In this clip I’m impatiently waiting for you. you’re late as usual and I’m pacing the floor getting more irritated with every step. Stomping My high heels and pacing back and forth. I’ve decided to kick you in the nuts when you finally show up.

Hello, you just missed Mr. Ashton. Is that a delivery for him? Just put it over there. Are you looking at My feet. Yes you were, I caught you. I s that what you do all day? Make deliveries and spy on ladies hot feet? Well sit down foot boy I’m gonna put on a little foot show for ya.

EroticNikki.com Update: 7-15-2011 with more updates coming this week!

Nikki’s Oral Fixation 3-2-1-Go. But, I can’t even get started. I’m not even sure what to do without a cigarette. I have a hookah but no tobacco for it. Some herb would be ok, but I don’t have any of that either. What am I gonna smoke. (Ahem) What can I smoke around here to get My oral fixation satisfied? Well My man gets to be the lucky pole provider today. I suck him well, make him cum then dribble it onto My big tits.


MyHotAss.com Updates:

Drink your Cum from a Shoe
Well I know that you want to masturbate and cum. I also know that you want to eat it for Me. This time I’ll have you cum into a shoe. I know that you have one. Ya little sissy, go ahead and get a high heel out. you are gonna cum into it then pour the cum into your mouth like this.

Do What you Came Here To Do
you know what you came here to do. I know to. you know that I know. you might as well get started now. Do what you came here to do while I laugh at you for doing it. you only have five minutes to finish.

So that’s the updates right now! Check them out and join!  Remember when you join one you get access to all 3 for 1 low price!


I did a camshow last night with My slutty slave krissy. The show went on for 2 fuckin hours. she is such a camera whore! she danced for almost 45 minutes stripping down to just her bra.  Before the show started I made her take a little blue pill while still in her chastity. Cruel huh?  Oh well!  I made her wait 4 yrs before she could do a cam show with Me. I allowed her to uncage after a few minutes. I had her stoke to the beat of the song for only a few seconds at a time.  Then I made her remove her plug and grab the biggest one she had and begin fuckin her fuckhole.  she stroked and fucked herself and came in her hand and of course I made her eat it all up! No most of you cumeaters will swallow right away right?  Well not her, we sat there and chit chatted for quit a while before she tells Me “this stuff gets really gooey after it sits in your mouth for awhile”! I said why the fuck haven’t you swallowed it. she says “well I thought you wanted to take some pictures”.  Ha…I told her “I took those pictures while you were slurping it up!” Needless to say I was dying laughing!  So it was fun and I teased the shit out her with My sexy feet and smoking!! And I pretty much drained the piggy bank!! bwhahahahaha

That’s all I have for now! See ya!!