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Happy Humpday! 1/23/2013

Hi there! Ya missed Me didn’t ya? I know ya did! ūüėČ I had a fabulous time on vacation and now I’ve spent the last few days trying to get back in the grind of things. It’s very hard for Me to stay indoors today since the weather is absolutely gorgeous! But, I am staying in for now. I’m updating My sites and working on My blogs along with Krissy’s blog. (Be sure to check her blog out too. she keeps it updated with lots of fun sissy stuff.) Anyway, I’m just about caught up with some of the craziness going on since I got back. Laundry, upacking, blah, blah, fucking blah!

Sometimes a vacation is well needed just to get out of the everyday rut. I can tell ya that if nothing else came out of it the SEX has been INCREDIBLE! My Man can please Me in ways no other can! And I know so many of you losers are so jealous of My Man. BWAHAHAHAHA! He knows exactly what gets Me off. Even down to sucking My toes while fucking Me nice and slow. I would give you all the details but I know you’ll just end up spewing your jizz and your boss probably wouldn’t appreciate the mess! So yeah, again, PRETTY FUCKING AMAZING, even after 23 yrs, ¬†is all I got to say about that!

Now on to My newest updates!

Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF


Focus on My Soles (WMV-HD)
I love to just lay here and relax with you at My feet. Touching My feet ever so lightly. Takng your time. Tracing each and every line on My perfect soles, you know how much that relaxes Me. I want to fall asleep with you at My feet. Make sure that you dont… wake… mmm.¬†/ Foot Fetish / Barefoot / Soles /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)


Smoking Fetish Tease (WMV-HD)
Like to watch Me smoke, do ya. I’m well aware of your fetish for smoking MILF’s. I know how much you like watching a woman light her VS120. I’ll use this to My advantage in this clip, teasing you about your fetish before satisfying your craving. Playful teasing followed by lots of smoke, you get it in this clip.¬†/ Smoking Fetish / Lipstick /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)


Oiling My Legs (WMV-HD)
No talking necessary in this requested clip. I’m wearing My sexiest peep-toe high heels and I have a bottle of oil. I’ll oil up My long legs just for you, making sure to get them all wet and shiny, just the way you like them.¬†/ Legs / High Heels /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)


Fingernail Cock Tease (WMV-HD)
My fingernails make you weak. I know. I’ll drive you wild as I play with this practice cock. I’ll imagine that it’s your big cock that I’m teasing. Lightly stroking with My nails, scratching ever so slightly. I can feel your cock throbbing as I continue My playing.¬†/ Fingernail Fetish / Cock Tease /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)


Angelkissedfeet.com Updates

This week I’ve added a FEETured Gallery from the beautiful Goddess Venus! Her gorgeous soles and sexy toes are sure to get your cock rock hard!


Join AngelKissedFeet now to see this gallery!

These are the updates from this month so far!

AngelKissedFeet Updates


“The Loan Agreement”


“Happy New Year Footboy”


“Not until you kiss My feet”

MyHotAss updates


“your StepMom’s Cock”


“Useless fat fuck”


“Stroke with Me”

Erotic Nikki Updates


“Fingernail Cock Tease”


“Sweet LolliCock”

So lots of updates for you to check out and jerk off to! Grab that cock, click the links and jerk off to Me today! XOXO

Have a naughtylicious day! See ya soon!




Happy HumpDay! 1/2/2013

Hey pervs! Hope you all have recovered from the New Year celebrations by now! I’m sure most of you were back to the grind today! I’ve had quite a busy day Myself. Ran some errands, picked up a really cool piece of luggage and received My new Coach bag! Now I just need the wallet to match and I’m good to go! If you’re dying to spoil Me you can find it on My wishlist. :-)~ I’m going on vacation Jan. 12th and will return home Jan. 20th and would love to take it with Me.

Anyway, just want to fill you in on some updates real quick.

If you haven’t purchased My newest clips, now yours chance!

Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF

Smoking in Black Lipstick
Smoking in Black Lipstick
Sock Strip Tease
Sock Strip Tease
The Storage Room

Goddess Nikki FemDom POV

Grow into a Magnum
Grow into a Magnum


And as always check out all My newest updates on AngelKissedFeet EroticNikki MyHotAss

Hope this New Year brings you lots of naughty sexiness!

Happy HumDay! XOXO


Talk to you soon!











Good afternoon! Everyone enjoying their humpday? Not the humpday I was hoping for so far but I have gotten a lot accomplished! Cleaning, rearranging furniture, laundry…you know all the boring stuff! lol The weather is fabulous right now so I would much rather be outside. It’s very sad that summer is coming to an end! Although this weather the last few days has been ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! But so not looking forward to the cold!!

Anyways…I just want to THANK all My supporters! You guys are AWESOME! My Clips4Sale studio is doing fantastic as well as My Member sites! KEEP IT UP! I toe-tally appreciate My fans who BUY their kink and not search the whole internet to find FREE content! I also appreciate those fans who report My stolen content. Theives will never go away but helping to take down what should not be up without My consent is great! If you buy My content and post it out there on the net your pretty useless to Me! I don’t mind, in fact I encourage you to rave or give Me a shout out on forums and such! ¬†Those fans that already do this for Me, THANK YOU!

Also another S/O to My Spoilers! MUAH! I love getting gifts! My spoilers get something really special from Me! You can spoil Me thru My Wishlist or Tributes! Just today I received a dozen Zoya polishes from My nailslave with more on the way! He is totally awesome and keeps Me well stocked in all the newest colors! This is what I got today! Thanks ed!

BTW, My Birthday is coming soon! October 22! Start your shopping now and make My Birth Month Spectacular!!! 

I shot some new clips yesterday and the camera is working out beautifully! I am so happy with the quality! I hope you are too!

Ok…for the good stuff! I got a few candid pics for ya!

My TittyTuesday pics if you missed them on My twitter! Follow Me! @EroticNikki

My TushyTuesday pic I posted too if you don’t follow Me on Instagram! You can follow Me there: eroticnikki

Be sure to check out My latest updates on My member sites 

AngelkissedFeet  Erotic Nikki and My Hot Ass

For My newest updates on My Clips4Sale studio

Shoes, Shoes Which to Choose (WMV-HD)

you get a great ‘toes eye’ view for this clip. I’ve got a few shoes layed out in row. I walk past them looking down trying to decide which pair to wear. I make My choice and put them on, upclose and in your face. I dangle them from above you. I walk in them. I remove them so you can see the emprint from the insoles on My soft soles./ Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish / MILF /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)

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This Footjob clip is currently ranked #5 in the footjob category! BUY it and find out why! Help Me get in the Top 50 overall of Clips4Sale! Muah!!!
Friday Night Surprise (WMV-HD)
It’s Friday night and My guy and I are on the couch. He just about to get his usual Friday night handjob. I was on his computer earlier today and I came across a folder called “FEET”. I opened it and found lots of videos of girls giving guys footjobs. I had no idea that he was into that. I confront him with this information and surpise him with a great footjob. I can tell by his big cumshot that we’ll start having Friday night footjobs.¬†/ Footjob / Handjob / MILF /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Those Damn Feet (WMV-HD)
They’ve got you again. you just can’t resist those damn feet. I know that you try to stay away. you say that you can’t buy any more clips for a while, but then you stop by and see the picture and you just have to see those damn feet again. They own you.¬†/ Foot Fetish / Shoe Fetish / MILF /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Smoking Outside (WMV-HD)
I love sitting outside and smoking. I know how much you love to watch Me smoke. So this clip is good for both of us. I’ll do what I love and you will too.¬†/ Smoking / MILF /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
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There will be new updates running all week and thru the weekend so be sure to keep checking it out!
Enjoy your humpday! And AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!

What’s New?

Hey pervs! Hope you all are enjoying your week so far! I Myself have been a busy Goddess! This week I filmed new clips and some customs. Aside from that though I picked up some really cool video equipment. I’m very excited about everything that I have received so far. I think it will definitely add some special to My videos. I have one more thing I want and yes, you are more than welcome to buy it for Me.¬†ProAm¬ģ DVC200 Camera Jib Crane

Anyway, this summer has been crazy for Me with trying to find time to film. Schools out so you know what that means? That means being a Mom 24/7 right now. But finally got the boy out to get a job which now means I have time to do more things for you! If you haven’t noticed I finally was able to shoot a really hot blowjob clip and a handjob clip this week! YAY! I do love shooting that type of content for you pervs! I love role playing and adding a special twist to My videos. If you haven’t seen any of My work then you have a couple of choices to do so. Yoou can either join one of My 3 sites Erotic Nikki which is where you will find all My smoking, pantyhose, role playing, blowjobs, and handjobs. Got a foot fetish? Then you need to join My AngelKissedFeet site. This site you will be in foot fetish heaven! I’ve got tons of videos and pictures of My pretty little feet including My soft soles giving footjobs! And for all you pathetic losers out there yes, I’ve got something for you as well! MyHotAss is full of humiliation, financial domination, cumeating instruction, strap-on, ass worship, tit worship and more! Submit to Me now and fall under My power! If you just want to buy clips individually then go check out My Clips4Sale studio! It’s My one stop shop for all your wanking material!

As you may have noticed I have also starting working on My NiteFlirt page! I now have 3 listings there that I will be working on. You will notice the links to the left of this column for tributes. Soon I will be taking phone calls, and POSSIBLY doing cam shows either through Skype or Yahoo. I will add a link soon so that you can purchase My ID’s. ¬†Also, I will be going to Vegas in Mid Aug. Use My tribute buttons to send Me tributes for My trip!

I love getting Amazon GiftCard’s as well as many other GiftCard’s! you can send those to Goddess@GoddessNikki.com or you can shop My Amazon Wishlist!

I will also be getting My hair done in the next 2-3 weeks. The cost for that is $230! And YES, you can pick up the tab on that! Either tribute, send a GD, and of course Cold hard cash works for Me too! I have a $650 beauty expense coming up on Aug 3rd and I expect you to handle that as well! I Love being A Goddess!!!

For those that have sent gifts and GC’s over the last monthor so Thank you! I love them all!

Enjoy your weekend! I’m going to enjoy a few hrs of peace and quiet now!¬†‚̧


Don’t Wake your Mom (WMV-HD)
I’ve sneaked into your bedroom. I’m wearing a blue nightie, you love the way it looks in the moonlight. your mom is in the room next door. Is she asleep? Shh, don’t wake her. I proceed to get your cock hard. I remove your shorts and get My hand around it. I hold the base tightly as I tease the shaft and head with My finger tips. I use only My spit for lube. I won’t let you cum quickly. I control your orgasm. You better keep quiet. If she catches us we’ll both be in trouble. POV style so it’ll be like I was doing it to you.¬†/ MILF / Handjob / Forced Orgasm /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Cum on My Reds (WMV-HD)
The only thing that My guy likes more than getting a blowjob is watching Me smoke while I give him one. I know that you like the same thing. I start off smoking a Light 100’s while I work him over. Once I put him over the edge, I make him cum all over My open pack of Reds. Naturally I pull one of them out and light it up for a cummy smoke.¬†/ Smoking / Blowjob /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)

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The HomeWrecker

Good afternoon pervs! Hope your all having a fantastic weekend. As far as Mine goes it’s STILL raining! UGH! I’m sick of it now! I’ve actually lost count of how many days in a row it’s been. So if any of you need any of it let Me know! I’ll gladly share. :)

Anyway, wanted to let you know, in case you were wondering, I took a break from filming blowjobs, ¬†handjobs and footjobs for a bit. GOOD NEWS! I’m bringing them back starting ¬†this next week! I’m very excited about this! So watch My clips4sale studio for all My newest updates!

Also, be sure to Join EroticNikki and see My newest update “The HomeWrecker” Here’s a description of what it’s about!

The Home Wrecker
you’ve just finished hanging some shelves for Me. I know that you are in a hurry to leave because today is your anniversary. you know that today is the one day that My bitch of a sister is gonna give you some pussy. As you know she and I have always been very competitive with each other. So, I begin teasing with My feet and rubbing My perfect ass in pink panties up and down on your crotch. It soon becomes clear to you that I have every intention of stealing your erection and your orgasm. you have played right into My hands. you know by now that your marriage is in jeopardy but, you don’t leave. I take your hard cock in My hand and then My mouth. you’re just a pawn in My game. I’ll be ruining your anniversary today and likely your marriage too. It looks like I win, again.
This HD Fetish Video Clip features: MILF, High Heels, Smoking, Blowjob, Handjob
If you want to buy just the clip you can do that to at My Clips4Sale studio. The HomeWrecker
For all you losers, cumeating cumdumps, strap on lovers, faggots, jerk slaves, piggys, moneyslaves, etc., Be sure to check out all My newest updates at MyHotAss as well! Submit to Me minions! Don’t want to join, Good! Spend more of your money that belongs to Me, buying My clips individually, deleting and repeating! Clips4Sale
ooh, the sun is peeking! Off to see how much I can enjoy it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Happy #TittyTuesday 7/3

It’s Tuesday again and guess what that means? Yup! It’s time to show those boobies! I bought a few new piece’s of clothing last week and well, this one doesn’t cover too much! OOPS!


I also shot lots of new clips for My Clip4Sale Studio today in some of My new lingerie! If you haven’t been to My studio yet, you better get over! All sorts of hotness going on! Be sure to check out My sites too!



My Hot Ass

Enjoy your day! Muah!!!

Monday 6/18

Hey! Hope all My fantastic Dad’s out there had a fabulous Father’s Day! I spent the weekend with My Dad and it was great! I just wanted to drop by and let ya know I was thinking about ya! The good and the bad! You ask why I say that? Well, a few reasons. First with the good! I have had a fabulous last few weeks with gifts and tributes! To those of you who actually do what you say your going to do I appreciate that! For those of you who just flat out LIE…FUCK YOU! I don’t get why you even waste the time to say your going to do something or send something. And for all you “loyal” “#1” fans, REALLY? If you’ve never joined My sites or bought My clips how can you even go there with that? I guess your a fan of My free pictures or pirated videos! you’re no fan but something much less! I hope you realize that you are not supporting anything I do when you do it for free! If you knew the time I put into My work that I do for My TRUE FANS I would hope that you feel like the biggest douchbag. But chances are you don’t! I know the internet is full of stolen content and I TOTALLY APPRECIATE the fans who still pull out their credit card and BUY My clips and join My sites. Thank Y/you! To those of you who tribute to My hair /nails/pedis-Thank you! To those who purchase gifts off My wish list-Thank you!

If you purchase $25 or more from My Amazon Wishlist I will give you access to My sites. The amount you spend will determine the number of months I give you. you will need to contact Me to let Me that you have purchased. When the items arrive at My door I will then set you up with a username and password of ¬†your choice. I have a number of items I want on there including some luggage I will need for My Vegas trip in August! I also want and need a MacBook Air which is on My list for traveling. I’m close in Amazon GC’s to get the Air so those will be fine as well! And it also qualifies for a membership to My sites.

For those of you who love supporting My work be sure to check out all My new sexy updates on My Clip4Sale Studio!






I expect you go and purchase every one of these videos that you like and especially the ones that pertain to you!!!

And as always go check out the updates on My member sites!




Gotta run now! See ya soon!


Happy Tuesday!

Hey pervs! Just wanted to let ya know about My newest updates!

Sexy Smoking MILF (WMV-HD)
So hot and sexy in pantyhose and heels. I remove a smoke from the box of Newport 100’s that I keep tucked into My brown leather cigarette case. I strike a wood match to light My six minutes of comfort as I lay back to enjoy every drag.¬†/ Smoking / MILF / Pantyhose / High Heels /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Slow Stroking My Strap-On (WMV-HD)
I’m wearing black pantyhose, corset and sheer top. Erotic, sexy and slowly I stroke My strap-on cock. I want you to let your mind run wild as you stroke along with Me. you’re drawn to this image but you don’t know why. It’s so sexy that no words or instructions are necessary for you to know what to do while you watch Me.¬†/ Strap-On / Masturbation Instruction /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Money for My Toes (WMV-HD)
See something you like? I ask as you awaken to find My perfect feet in your face. I know what you’ve been doing. Taking pictures of My feet without My permission. Where’s your phone? I want those pictures back, right fucking now, or you can pay up. I make you empty your pockets. I’ll take your money but I make you put it between My toes so that I can tease and taunt you with it.¬†/ Foot Fetish / Foot Domination /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Don’t Move or I’ll Stop (WMV-HD)
I tell him, don’t move or I’ll stop. I light up a Newport 100, oil up My hands and begin stroking his cock. he gets hard as I work My skillful hands. I can feel his excitement growing. he twitches and I stop. Of course that doesn’t stop him from cumming into My open hands and onto My pantyhose without any stimulation. Damn I’m good.¬†/ Smoking / HandJob /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
The Only Thing that Makes you Cum (WMV-HD)
Hi daddy. you love My big black rubber cock. The hot rush of Me draining your wallet while you suck My cock. I know that it’s the only thing that makes you cum. Isn’t that right daddy? Stroke it while you dream of sucking on My big dick. you want it. That is why you keep buying these videos. It’s now the only thing that makes you cum.¬†/ Strap-On / FemDom POV /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Cum and Gone (WMV-HD)
We have been married for a while and I’ve decided that you are no longer of use to Me. I slip a Mickey into your drink and tell you what is to cum now. you will become very erect. So hard you are going to be that your cock and balls will ache to cum for relief. Bad news for you though, when you cum, you will suffer a massive heart attack and no longer be in this world. I’m looking forward to liquidating your company and spending all of your money. I’ll taunt and humiliate you while I help you get off, knowing that in the end you will be gone.¬†/ FemDom POV / Cuckold / Femme Fatale /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Be sure to check out all the newest updates as well on My Member sites too!
Time to shower and get ready ready to film with My new cock!

Hey Guys!

WOW! Where has time gone to? We are already going into May! Just crazy I tell ya! Seems I don’t have enough time in the day to do all the things that need to be done! I can tell ya that I finally got Mike to link up My members blog! WOOT! It is accessible from all 3 of My sites. ¬†Obviously you have to be member to read it though. hehe! Also We are working on adding MP4 formats for My videos so that all My apple users can jerk off too while at work, school, or wherever you choose! That’s right, you can take Me with you wherever you go! AND THAT’S A GOOD THING! I will be starting with some of the older videos and eventually have them all in there!

Site updates so far this week are:

Post Date: 04/24/12
Title: My Pretty Bare Feet Pics: Yes
Video:¬†HD 1280×720

Summary:¬†I’m laying on the bed. My pretty bare feet are on full display for you. I lightly stroke My soft soles with My long black fingernails. tasing them with almost a tickle then scratching and stroking them.

Post Date: 04/23/12
Title: A Screen Full of ToesPics: Yes
Video:¬†HD 1280×720

Summary: A toetally delicious experience for you. Enjoy your screen full of My toes pointing and wiggling just for you.

MyHotAss Updates:

I Know What you Want
Oh I know what you want and I have it. you crave My big rubber cock… don’t you. I tease you in this clip while displaying My long rubber cock in My pantyhose. Get this clip now and get yourself off.
This HD video clip features: Fetish MILF, FemDom POV, Strap-On, Female Domination

Remember, By joining any of My sites, you get access to ALL of My content on any of My sites for 1 low price! 




Got lots of new updates over at My Clips4sale studio as well! And even a new feature for you. you can now tweet out your favorite clips of Me to all of your followers!


The Home Wrecker (WMV-HD)
you’ve just finished hanging some shelves for Me. I know that you are in a hurry to leave because today is your anniversary. you know that today is the one day that My bitch of a sister is gonna give you some pussy. As you know she and I have always been very competitive with each other. So, I begin teasing with My feet and rubbing My perfect ass in pink panties up and down on your crotch. It soon becomes clear to you that I have every intention of stealing your erection and your orgasm. you have played right into My hands. you know by now that your marriage is in jeopardy but, you don’t leave. I take your hard cock in My hand and then My mouth. you’re just a pawn in My game. I’ll be ruining your anniversay today and likely your marriage too. It looks like I win, again.¬†/ Smoking / MILF / HJ / BJ / Role Play /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Let’s Measure it (WMV-HD)
you call that a dick? Not a chance, it’s way, way too small. I like 7-8 inches as the bare minimum. How little is that thing. Let’s measure it.¬†/ Small Penis Humiliation /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Cock Gobbler (WMV-HD)
you just can’t resist My big black rubber dick can you. Always dreaming about having it in your mouth, you’re so hungry for cock. I’ll bet you would gobble this bitch fucker right up wouldn’t you? Do a good job and I just might plug your ass with it.¬†/ Strap-On / FemDom POV /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
Ink For your Kink (WMV-HD)
I think I’ll make you go a tattoo parlor and get a big tattoo for me. A tramp stamp on your lower back that reads ‘Big Dick Parking’. It’ll be perfect for you. Everyone that sees you will know what a butt slut you are. Now bend over and take this big pink dick, for practice.¬†/ Strap-On / FemDom POV / Humiliation /¬†Hi-Def (1280×720)
There is plenty more of wanting material at My studio!
Check it out here!
So there ya have it! Just some of the updates that have been posted! Gives ya something to jerk off to for the weekend!
Have fun!

Spring Break!

So your probably wondering where in the hell I’ve been for so long huh? ¬†Well the answer is not at home! The first week of March I spent down at the lake dog sitting for My parents while they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. Sounds like a bore huh? ¬†But don’t worry, it wasn’t a vacation for Me! haha! I took the opportunity to shoot a bunch of content for My Clip4Sale studio and all 3 of My member sites. Angelkissedfeet, EroticNikki and MyHotAss. I must say it was very relaxing though and I didn’t have all the distractions going on around Me that I do at home. So that’s good. Anyway, I came home for 2 nights and then headed off to Vegas for Spring Break! Mike and I drove out of here early Saturday morning on the 10th. We made the long drive just the 2 of us and spent the night just outside of Tuscon, AZ. We woke up early the next morning and pulled into Vegas about 2:30 pm on Sunday. ¬†This was definitely not a working vacation! I spent most of the time with My oldest boy, did some gambling, and just kinda hung out. I did have lunch with one My favorite foot lovers! Steve from Footnight. I’m not sure I can explain how much I love this South African! lol I have know him for about 10 yrs and is most sweetest guys you will ever meet! He is a very dear friend to Mike and I. He is one of the main reasons besides My son, that I would even consider moving back to Vegas. And yes, I am taking that consideration very serious! I love where I live now, but there is just something about Vegas I love dearly! Maybe the weather, the atmosphere, the scenery or could be all of it! I don’t know but I do love it there! So anyway, I had a great time! We headed home early Thursday morning. Made it back here Friday evening. It was great to be home even if it was for only 24 hrs. lol St. Patty’s day was Saturday so another trip to the lake! All My family was in town for the Spring Break holiday so off We went, making a stop at the liquor store and then to get My drunk on! We had a great time! Back home sunday afternoon and immediatly got to work on getting My things unpacked and My house back in order! Needless to say I’m pretty sick of living out of a suitcase! Now that things have settled down a bit for Me, it’s time the to get buried in the computer. Lots of new ideas to work on for My sites. One thing about being away from the computer is you can definitely refresh your brain! Oh, and I picked up a new MAC and HD camcorder while in Vegas. So I’ve been getting the MAC all set up for work and the HD camcorder will be used in addition to My other while filming clips. That’s right I’ll be bringing you multiple angeles so you can see what I’m wearing and other just another point of view. I know most of you guys are really into the outfits that I have on and sometimes it’s a little difficult to get it all in the camera especially when I’m shooting POV clips. So that’s a little bit of what’s been going on. Oh, also I came home to find some gifts made it My PO Box. ¬† I received a new Kuerig from My sissy slave krissy and lots of new nail polish from My nail slave E. I’m really excited to give em a try! I have so much polish now I need a wall rack to display them. My cabinet is full! you can purchase Me one here from My WishList¬†My WishList is full of items that I would love to have! If you purchase gifts for Me from My Wishlist I will make special “thank you” clips and post them on My YouTube channel or if your really good I’ll send you one personally! ūüėČ If there is something special you would like to send Me that isn’t on My WishList you can send them directly to My PO Box:

Nikki Ashton

14090 FM 2920 Ste. G-169

Tomball, Tx 77377


Anyway, all in all I’ve had a pretty good March so far! Little disappointed that you boys aren’t filling up My inbox with Clip Orders so if you really want to make Me happy I suggest you find your wallet, head over to My ClipStore and SPEND! BTW, don’t hit the the “BUY NOW” button, you want to CLICK “ADD TO CART”! It’s much more fun when you do that way! So, remember, CLICK, SPEND AND STROKE! There are tons of new updates in many different categories!