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TGIF 9/14/2012

Good evening pervs! WOW…2 blogs in a week! LOL! It’s only cuz I’m bored and stuck in the house! LOL! So, are ya all ready for the weekend? Don’t think I have too much going on at the moment. It’s raining right now and I think it’s supposed to all weekend. :(

First things first! You HAVE to check out My newest Clips4Sale updates!

Happy Ending (WMV-HD)
Welcum to Nikki’s Massage. I can see there’s a lot of tension built up, particularly in these big balls. I recommend immediate action to relieve the stress. I’ll start by oiling up My hands and stroking his cock. I’ll massage his aching balls while he just lays there and relaxes. I’m sure he came here for the happy endings that I’m well known for. There are so many ways to get you there. Many of My customers are footboys, they like to have their happy ending from My feet. Are you into that? I think that would be a great way to finish off this massage. But… I don’t stop tugging his over sensitive penis just because he finishes. I know it’s uncomfortable for him, but it makes Me laugh hysterically. / Footjob / Handjob / Role Play / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Double the Pleasure (WMV-HD)
This is something special for My loyal smoking fans. I’m topless (with boob jewelry) in pantyhose and heels. I’ve got a really hypnotic erotic background track and I’m smoking two cigarettes at once. Really taking My time, enjoying double the pleasure of a smoke, I flick My ashes on the floor. It’s a sexy, hypnotic erotic clip of this hot MILF smoking. / Smoking / Pantyhose / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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And how about a few free pics! Some are on instagram and some are not!


Below are some throwback pics from My beginning years! 2002-2003 That’s Steve Savage from FootNight.com I love this man and miss him dearly! We had some great times together! 


Anyway, see what happens when I’m bored! LOL! I reminisce!

Ok…I’m outta here for now! More reminiscing to do! Maybe you’ll get lucky and see more of My past! Of course you can always join My sites and see all kinds of content from over the years!

Enjoy the weekend!