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Good evening pervs! Just realized it’s been forever since I posted anything.  So, let’s see…the only thing I really have going on is work. Still filming My sweet, juicy ass off. Trying to get everything filmed before heading out for vacation. Vegas baby! I am so excited I cannot wait! Wish Me luck gambling and shopping! haha! And I just found out, My oldest is coming back home with Us. This time, no matter what he says, he IS NOT GOING BACK! lol It’s costing Me more $ with him being there than when he is home. Anyway, it’s probably for the best.

Tribute to My Vegas vacation! I have many ways for you to send tributes. GD, Niteflirt, Clips4Sale, or good ole snail mail. My mailing address can be found here.  

I’ve been working on My NF page as well. Soon you will be able to buy clips and pics from there, as well as a few other things, like memberships to My personal sites. The page is coming along but still needs a little more work. Be patient. I’m thinking about turning My phone lines on as well. How cool will that be?! lol I will have a flirt store too. Just can’t get it all going at the moment. Got a full plate right now. Plus, I’m moving the hosting.


I have tons of new clips up on My Clips4Sale studios! If you haven’t been by there lately, GO NOW!


Here’s just a few recent updates from My Erotic Nikki studio

Ass Crack Jack
Ass Crack Jack ~ Giantess
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Private Foot Show
Private Foot Show ~ Foot Fetish
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Tight Ass Jeans ~ Jeans Fetish
Tight Ass Jeans ~ Jeans Fetish
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Just a few recent updates from My Goddess Nikki studio

you’ve thought about it
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Be My boot licker
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Lick your Cum off My Ass
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Are you jealous?
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My personal sites, like every week, have new updates as well!





So be sure to stop My any of My sites and get your kink on! I’ve got plenty to satisfy your wanking needs!

Have a kinky week lovers!




Happy #HumpDay 9/5/2012

Good evening pervs! Hope all is well with y’all! Did ya miss Me?  LOL! I know you did! Well I have a few things to tell ya about. First let’s start with My trip to Vegas!  It was GREAT! I got to spend the entire time with My oldest son and his GF! We’ve been there so many times and done all the tourist things but somethings just never get old. My youngest son also turned 18 the day after we got there. Vegas is his favorite place and that’s where he wanted to be for his 18th birthday. Turning 18 also means no curfew so he spent half the night on the strip with his brother and friends. (and yes, that went on the whole time We were there lol) I love to shop in Vegas and that’s what I did. Spent a day at the Fashion Show Mall on the strip and that’s where I bought these great Steve Madden Sandals!

The next day headed down to the Las Vegas Premium Outlets where I picked up these bad ass Asics! I bought the purple ones! They’re SO ME! LOL!

I’m a shoe whore in case you couldn’t tell! LOL

On Tuesday We headed down to the Hoover Dam Bridge! It’s so Gorgeous there! It’s one place you have to visit if you’ve never been!

Our last day there it rained it’s ass off!


This doesn’t happen often there but when it does…HOLY HELL!

Of course I did some gambling! started off great then went to hell in handbag! But it was still fun and it wasn’t My money I was losing! LOL krissy sent Me $1500 to play and shop on! It’s always way more fun on someone else’s dime!

Thanks krissy!

I also received some great gifts before going! Luggage, perfume, yuengling, a beautiful Saworvski crystal ring for good luck and a pkg full of things for the drive!


Thanks for all the gifts! You all know who you are! XOXO

I’m hoping on My next trip I will have the time to visit with friends while I’m there! This trip was nonstop!

I wanted to take My camcorder with Me when I went so the night before We left I got ready to delete some content on there. Well wouldn’t ya know it, the mother fucker took a crap! I said fuck it and I’ll deal with that when I get back. So as soon as I got home I tried everything to fix it. Seems the harddrive took a shit! Ok cool…Didn’t want to buy a new camera since We just got back from vacation but without it that would mean no new content! So off to do some research and decided to try out a DSLR. holy shit…I had no idea of the amazing quality these things would put out. It’s taking some practice but I can tell you that what I have produced so far is AMAZINGGGGG! I have updated some new clips with it already so you need to go check it out if you haven’t already! This is what I bought and I LOVE IT!! I hope you will to do! It’s definitely an upgrade in quality which is what I wanted! When you buy My clips I woould love to hear your feedback!

Here are the newest updates I have so far on My Clips4Sale Studio!

I Will Make you Cum (WMV-HD)
Oh boy this one is POV style, so it’s like you are the guy naked on My bed. My feet and hands are oiled up and ready. I have already decided that he gets to cum today. I just haven’t decided if it will be by My hands or My feet. I take My time, alternating a handjob with a footjob until I decide how I’m going make him ejaculate. Watch this clip to find out what I finished him off with. I can tell you that, just for fun, I squeezed and tugged his balls as he came so that he could experience both pleasure and pain. / Footjob / Handjob / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Below here has been shot with the new camera! 

Bare Feet at the Park (WMV-HD)
I just got My new camera (awesome!) and decided to take it out of the house for a spin. I went to a park and put My awesome feet up on the table. I know how much you want My perfect feet. I know your addicted to them. It tease you about it. Cars are driving by, people can see My sweet feet. I’ll bet you wish it was you. / Foot Fetish / Barefoot / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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MILF Gives a Cummy Footjob (WMV-HD)
In this POV style clip, you’re the guy next door who finds himself naked on My bed. I know that he has a fetish for MILF feet and that he has been sneaking looks at mine. It’s seems that today is his lucky day as I’m gonna use My skillful hands and sexy MILF feet to tease and please him to a messy ending./ Footjob / Handjob / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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After Lunch Cigarette (WMV-HD)
I just finished My lunch. My cameraman is playing with his new toy. He decides to shoot My after lunch cigarette for practice. I told him that I wanted it posted for My smoking fans, so here it is. It’s just Me getting My smoke on at a restaurant./ Smoking / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Waiting for you (WMV-HD)
I know you’ll be home soon. I’m looking forward to it. I think I’ll get Myself into a chill mood before you get here. I’ve got a drink and a smoke. Perhaps, I’ll rub some oil onto these perfect feet just incase I start to feel a little adventurous later. I know how strong your foot fetish is and I love it. For now, I’ll just kick it for some Me time before you get here. / Foot Fetish / Smoking / MILF / Hi-Def (1280×720)
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Please go to My studio and purchase them! They’ve been selling really well and I would love for to see as well! XOXO
And as always be sure to check out all the newest updates on My Member sites!
I know you guys are ready to watch the game! Who’s your team? I’m a COWBOYS Fan Myself! :)
Enjoy your night! XOXO

Vegas Baby!

Hey pervs! Well the time has finally arrived! I’m heading to Vegas tonight! I’m sooooo excited!!!!! Although My trip is going to be extremely busy I will still have a good time! I will try to keep in touch with ya on twitter as often as I can. Hope everyone has a fantastic and kinky next few days!

All of My Clips4Sale studios will be updating and My Websites will be updated ahead of time  so you’ll have plenty of jerkoff material to keep ya going while I’m away!

Erotic Nikki Fetish MILF Studio

Goddess Nikki FemDom POV


Erotic Nikki

My Hot Ass

Check em all out!

Have to run now and finish packing! See ya soon!




WOOT! It’s Friday! The last day of a fabulous week and the start of a fantastic weekend! I have lots do since My Vegas vacation is coming up! I’ve been filming lots of new content and will spend the weekend doing the same thing. Just because I’m on vacation doesn’t mean you have to skip any updates! Yesterday I filmed an really hot MILF type blowjob. I mention this because I got to test out some of My new video equipment and I must say, I love the way it turned out! I’m hoping to have it updated tonight. It will be from My Daughter series if your familiar with those clips. If not, Here are the titles and the links to the clips. “MILF protects Her Daughter” and “My Daughter’s boyfriend“. So keep an eye out for the update on My Clips4sale Studio!

I’ve also made some changes to My Clips4Sale studio. I’ve reopened Goddess Nikki’s FemDom Pov Studio. I am moving all of My humiliation, cumeating instruction, strapon and anything femdom related.  I’ve already added a bunch of clips there so get over there LOSERS and stock up on the clips you have to HAVE, WANT AND NEED!

This week I’ve also received some great gifts with more on the way! Perfume, pantyhose, make-up, hair products, iphone case, socks, and more! Thank you!!!!

My new lil sole addict is a complete mess! He purchased a pair of My worn sweaty socks and worn shoes! I’ve been wearing them 3 days straight so far and it’s been really HOT and HUMID! *evil grin* He is so weak and pathetic for them because he knows it’s the closest he will ever get to worshiping My perfect feet! And of course I have to fuck with his mind which now has him totally wrapped around My big toe! 😉

If you want a pair of My worn sweaty socks let Me know before the summer is over! I’ll be in Vegas week after next and I will be walking around in the heat! Let Me know soon! Email Me for details at Goddess@GoddessNikki.com

Be sure to Join AngelKissedFeet, Erotic Nikki or My Hot Ass to see all My latest updates! Right now if you join any of My sites you will get access to ALL 3! BUT Coming soon, If you JOIN either Angelkissedfeet or EroticNikki you will still get both sites for 1 membership! The one thing that will change is that My Hot Ass will be on it’s own! So for all you fuckwads out there that want to see the Good stuff…TOO BAD!  you wanna see it, you’ll have to PAY for it!

So LOSERS, the reason I have decided to change the way you get to buy My clips and join My sites is because basically,  you’re just not worthy enough to see the good stuff like everyone else!

If you have missed the last several updates at My Clips4Sale Studio here they are!

Get Lost in My Feet (WMV-HD)
There’s just something about feet. Mine are exactly what does it for you. something just comes over you. I understand. It’s ok. Go ahead and get lost in My feet. Let your imagination run wild as I encourage you to stroke your cock to My perfect feet. Foot Fetish / Masturbation Instruction / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Topless in Layered Nylons (WMV-HD)
Oh so sexy. This clip is exactly what you’ve been wanting to see. I’m topless in a black corset. My perfect ass in cased in black crotchless pantyhose layered with a very sexy pair of cuban foot stockings with pink lace. Naturally, I don’t forget the sky high fuck Me pumps. There is so much to see in this clip. MILF / Pantyhose / Stockings / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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My Toes Make you Cum (WMV-HD)
My footguy is playing with his new video equipment. I’m laying in My pajamas. He’s filming Me of course. I ask him if he’s just gonna keep taping or get over here and get some of these perfect feet. he never passes a chance. I oiled up My soft sexy soles and toes and got to work on his hard cock. Using pretty much just My toes I cause him to make a big, thick, sticky, gooey mess on My feet. Footjob / Foot Fetish / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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Worship This Amazing Ass (WMV-HD)
Are you here to worship some ass? Well I must say I’ve got the most amazing ass in these new pantyhose. They fit every delicious curve perfectly. I’m topless in this clip but you won’t be able to keep your eyes off My incredibly hot ass. It’ll stay on your mind because once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it. That’s a good thing Ass Worship / Pantyhose / Hi-Def (1280×720)

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That’s all I have for now! Have a kinky weekend!



Spring Break!

So your probably wondering where in the hell I’ve been for so long huh?  Well the answer is not at home! The first week of March I spent down at the lake dog sitting for My parents while they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. Sounds like a bore huh?  But don’t worry, it wasn’t a vacation for Me! haha! I took the opportunity to shoot a bunch of content for My Clip4Sale studio and all 3 of My member sites. Angelkissedfeet, EroticNikki and MyHotAss. I must say it was very relaxing though and I didn’t have all the distractions going on around Me that I do at home. So that’s good. Anyway, I came home for 2 nights and then headed off to Vegas for Spring Break! Mike and I drove out of here early Saturday morning on the 10th. We made the long drive just the 2 of us and spent the night just outside of Tuscon, AZ. We woke up early the next morning and pulled into Vegas about 2:30 pm on Sunday.  This was definitely not a working vacation! I spent most of the time with My oldest boy, did some gambling, and just kinda hung out. I did have lunch with one My favorite foot lovers! Steve from Footnight. I’m not sure I can explain how much I love this South African! lol I have know him for about 10 yrs and is most sweetest guys you will ever meet! He is a very dear friend to Mike and I. He is one of the main reasons besides My son, that I would even consider moving back to Vegas. And yes, I am taking that consideration very serious! I love where I live now, but there is just something about Vegas I love dearly! Maybe the weather, the atmosphere, the scenery or could be all of it! I don’t know but I do love it there! So anyway, I had a great time! We headed home early Thursday morning. Made it back here Friday evening. It was great to be home even if it was for only 24 hrs. lol St. Patty’s day was Saturday so another trip to the lake! All My family was in town for the Spring Break holiday so off We went, making a stop at the liquor store and then to get My drunk on! We had a great time! Back home sunday afternoon and immediatly got to work on getting My things unpacked and My house back in order! Needless to say I’m pretty sick of living out of a suitcase! Now that things have settled down a bit for Me, it’s time the to get buried in the computer. Lots of new ideas to work on for My sites. One thing about being away from the computer is you can definitely refresh your brain! Oh, and I picked up a new MAC and HD camcorder while in Vegas. So I’ve been getting the MAC all set up for work and the HD camcorder will be used in addition to My other while filming clips. That’s right I’ll be bringing you multiple angeles so you can see what I’m wearing and other just another point of view. I know most of you guys are really into the outfits that I have on and sometimes it’s a little difficult to get it all in the camera especially when I’m shooting POV clips. So that’s a little bit of what’s been going on. Oh, also I came home to find some gifts made it My PO Box.   I received a new Kuerig from My sissy slave krissy and lots of new nail polish from My nail slave E. I’m really excited to give em a try! I have so much polish now I need a wall rack to display them. My cabinet is full! you can purchase Me one here from My WishList My WishList is full of items that I would love to have! If you purchase gifts for Me from My Wishlist I will make special “thank you” clips and post them on My YouTube channel or if your really good I’ll send you one personally! 😉 If there is something special you would like to send Me that isn’t on My WishList you can send them directly to My PO Box:

Nikki Ashton

14090 FM 2920 Ste. G-169

Tomball, Tx 77377


Anyway, all in all I’ve had a pretty good March so far! Little disappointed that you boys aren’t filling up My inbox with Clip Orders so if you really want to make Me happy I suggest you find your wallet, head over to My ClipStore and SPEND! BTW, don’t hit the the “BUY NOW” button, you want to CLICK “ADD TO CART”! It’s much more fun when you do that way! So, remember, CLICK, SPEND AND STROKE! There are tons of new updates in many different categories!



A great end to fabulous year!

Hey My lil chickeedee’s! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and hope that the New Year will bring you much happiness and good fortune!
I had a fabulous Christmas.  I spent the Holidays in Vegas with My oldest son and @MissMackayla I left on the 21st and got back home on the 27th! My only regret is that i did not have time to visit some great peeps while I was there.  Seems time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to leave. :( But I did have an awesome time and will be back soon! As you all know by now it is My favorite place to visit.
November and December were fantastic Months for Me! I bought a new car for one thing, had a record month in sales, reached over 6100 followers on twitter and one of My main goals when 2011 began was to make it into the Top 50 of Clips4Sale! Well thanks to all your support We did it!! It was one of the best feelings in the world! Now, let’s do it again and move Me higher!!
I recently sent out an email out to all My Clips4sale subscribers asking for any special request you would like to see for 2012. So check your email!
Chk out some of My latest updates on Clips4Sale
The Audition:
I’m sitting at My desk looking fantastic and smoking a Misty 120. I’m wearing
pantyhose and peeptoe high heels. I’ve got My camera all set up for an
interview/audition prospect that has not shown up yet so I decide to tease the
camera and smoke while I wait. I finish My cigarette and My appointment finally
shows up. I let him know that he’s late. I don’t like to wait so I immediately
make him go to work on My feet. First licking My heels then removing them and
worshiping My sweaty pantyhosed feet. After proving that he has adequate skills
to worship My feet on camera, I decide that it’s time to check out his foot
loving cock. I make him drop his pants and show Me his cock. It’s not as big as
I was hoping for but I go ahead and give a slap anyway. What a pussy. He
struggles to stand upright as I hit his dick with My hands and feet. I slap and
kick his dick several times to see what kind of stamina he has. I laugh at him
repeatedly because he’s so scared. He even winces when I miss. I can see that
he’s going to be better serving Me as a footboy. I tell him the final test is to
find out if he can he operate the camera while jacking off to My command,
fucking My pantyhosed feet and finally ejaculating a big load of cum onto My
perfect feet. He passed the test. As he pulls up his pants up, I tell him to
leave his name and number with the receptionist, maybe I’ll call him./ Foot Fetish / Smoking / Pantyhose / High Heels / Foot Worship / Foot
Domination / Footjob
Making the Grade:
I’m a college professor who has a student that needs some ‘special tutoring’.
he’s failing. he can’t focus because he’s always staring at My long legs in
pantyhose and high heels during class. I’ve brought him to My home to teach him
how to focus. I tease him with his fetishes while I smoke. I tell him to remove
his pants and get on My couch. I tease him with My long fingernails. I toy with
him until he is obviously distracted. I put a collar around his cock and balls.
I inform him that I know own them. I tease and masturbate him to prove My point.
I then switch to My sexy pantyhosed feet. I get him off using both My feet and
hands until he ejaculates onto My nylon covered feet./ Foot Fetish / Smoking / Pantyhose / Fingernails / Handjob / Footjob
Geek Gets MILF’D:
After having repaired My computer network, My geek knew that he would likely be
getting a nice reward. I decide to tease him POV style first by posing My feet
and worshiping them Myself. I notice that he gets a hard-on. I tell him that
maybe I can give him a hand with it. I stroke his oiled up cock with My hands
getting him to the edge but not letting him cum. Call it punishment. I know that
he hacked My system so that I would call him to repair it. I would normally just
let him suffer with blue balls, but I really like geek cum. I decide to make him
cum wth My perfect feet. I give him a hot, oily POV footjob until he erupts and
spews his geek cum onto My feet./ Foot Fetish / Foot Worship / Handjob / Footjob
My Sisters Husband:
I walk into the bedroom and find My sisters husband asleep on the bed. I wake
him with My hand on his pants. As he awakens I fail to remove My hand from his
pants and just continue to lightly tease with My long fingernails. I light up a
Newport. My sister is a fuckin bitch and she’s in the other room. I still don’t
know why you married her. I’ve always kinda wanted you, I tell him as I keep
stroking on his crotch. I’d like to see what you have there. How long has it
been since you have been allowed to cum? I heard that you only get to cum when
she allows you to. That’s crazy. My man gets to cum anytime he wants to. I
remove his pants and continue teasing his rising cock. I remove his boxer briefs
and take his cock in My hands. I tell him that it is not cheating if he doesn’t
cum. I proceed to give him a slow, teasing handjob. I use My sexy mouth a couple
of times just to make the tormenting worse. I bring him to the edge several
times without letting him finish. I force him to wait until I am ready. I can
hear footsteps coming so I make him cum all over his stomach and shirt. I
continue to stroke his aching cock. I then call out to My sister, “he’s in
here”. Busted. This is shot POV style as if your My brother-in-law. Stroke along
at home and see if you can last. / Handjob / Smoking / Fingernails / Edging /
While I’m preparing to work, the college guy that lives nextdoor arrives to
return a pie plate that his mum had borrowed. I thank him and then ask if he
would like to stay and help Me make some video clips. Of course, he agrees. I
know that he likes to watch Me smoke, so I fire up a Newport and start to tease
him. I make him strip down. I stroke his cock with My cigarette pack and case. I
give him a sexy handy with My leather cigarette case while smoking. I make him
cum on the leather case then I lick it up. / Smoking / Handjob / MILF
Andy is back for more of My talented hands and mouth. I think that he really
wants more of My leather cigarette case though. I tease him about his fetish
while I smoke a couple of Newports. He’s loving life as I work his cock over
with My hands and masturbate him with the case. I make him dump his big cum load
onto the silk lining inside. He just can’t get enough of this smoking hot MILF.
/ Smoking / Handjob / MILF
I’ve decided to let him cum. It has been a while. I know that his balls are
full. I’m in no hurry though. I light up a smoke and lightly tease him with My
long sexy fingernails. I know how much he loves them. I decide to stroke him
with just My fingers and My spit. I’m not going to let him finish quickly. I
make it as difficult for him as possible as he only gets minimal friction until
I decide to let him cum. I get him off by using My thumb on his dickhead. I
continue to masturbate him with his cum since I know how sensitive his cock is
after he ejaculates. / Handjob / Smoking / Fingernail Fetish
He loves the smell of My feet in the morning. Unable to resist the temptation,
footboy lifts the covers to expose My feet. He checks out my perfect feet from
many different angles before giving in and having a sniff. After some sniffing
and licking he drops his pants and rubs his cock on My soft soles. The urge to
cum on My feet overcomes him so he rubs one out, leaving a huge mess on My too
tired to care feet./ Foot Fetish / Foot Worship / Sole Fucking
Also there are lots of new updates on My sites!
Be sure to stop by and check em out!!

Hope you have lots of naughty plans for NYE! I will be out of town for a couple of days but I’m never too far away! you can reach Me by email or catch Me on twitter! @EroticNikki

TaTa for now!!

It’s been awhile!

Hey guys and Gals…I know it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this damn thing so here I am!  Most of you know My summer has been extremely busy and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I haven’t even told you about My trip to Vegas!! We had a blast is all I can say!  After living there for 8 yrs and still having family there up until about 8 months We actually did the tourist thing!  Stayed in a hotel for 6 nights even! The only neg. part about that was that it wasn’t just hubby and I.  No…it was Us plus mother-in-law and a 2 boys!  But no worries, I was able to sneak in handjobs while they lay in bed next to Us, get him off and swallow his load leaving behind no evidence AND NO…he did not leave Me hanging!  It was sneaky and made Us feel like We were doing something We shouldn’t!  Anyway…We had the opportunity of attending a FootNight party unexpectantly.  We were just meeting Steve for drinks until the party began and then I had to get back to the hotel for the boys.  We were having such a good time We couldn’t leave.  As the girls and guys started showing up one thing led to another! I was fortunate enough to meet 3 beautiful Ladies MissTaylor, SiouxSinner and Tyler Aria.  Kid Dynamite even popped in! Yes…I take blame for popping his foot fetish cherry! I was his first at a party in Dallas like 5 yrs ago and look at him now!  He’s everywhere! lol Also ran into another footguy who I met and sessioned with at the very first FootNight event 9 yrs ago!  We talked about all the parties and how I got so drunk at one of them I sppilled red wine all over his brand new silk shirt! Sorry Rich!! lol!! And it’s been forever since I had a foot session with My favorite foot guy, Steve Savage and it was absolutely amazing!!  That man can worship some feet! I love that Man!! I miss being able to get together whenever We want but such is life!  I cherish those moments that We do spend together!  If your reading this Steve, *Muah*!! So needless to say We didn’t leave the party until about 11:00 and I am so glad We stayed!!

I could ramble on and on about My trip but ya know…What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!! 😉


Since being home from the trip all I can think of is being back there!  But, I  have to get back to My real life! School will be starting soon and then I will have to get back to My actual job and that is teasing My footboys, footgirls, tit worshipers, ass worshipers, and strap-on lovers, humiliating the losers, making My naughty boys jerk off to My sexy blowjobs, smoking, pantyhose and long fingernails!

ANNNDDDD….there are a lot of new updates on the sites so be sure to check em out!

Erotic Nikki


My Hot Ass


Happy Tuesday,



Launching the Blog

So I finally sat My ass down today and got more done on My blog! That thing called motivation comes and goes as it pleases! lol Anyway, I’ve had a lot going on in My personal life that sometimes just puts My business life on hold, especially when it comes to My boys. My son broke his nose during a football game a few weeks ago and had to have it rebroke to fix it a few weeks later. That really sucked! My oldest boy at the same time is busy getting ready for college. He will be moving to Vegas this month with his GF. I’ve had to help with some issues dealing with in-laws and found out a few weeks ago My uncle has throat cancer! So yes, June was a stressful month for Me. But I hope the rest of the summer will be good! So far July has started off great. I will be leaving for Vegas towards the end of the month. I would have loved to attend FetishCon but it’s not gonna happen this year. :(

Today I spent the day filming some new clips for My clipstores. Now to get them all edited and processed then upload so get ready for some new stuff to jerk your cock to! Blowjob, FootJob, FootFetish, Ass Worship, Smoking, and even some Hypno!

Ta-Ta for now!